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  1. The person is at home recovering. There is a diagnostic test and treatment for VIPIT or VITT (names keep changing). The main thing is to alert the public and drs so that when these rare events do occur, they can be treated promptly. Anaphylaxis is about 5/million and is potentially lethal. But it's treatable and that's why you are observed for at least 15 mins after vaccination and all vaccination sites need to have meds that can treat it. Manageable risks. To most people, it is a tolerable risk. These days, it is more dangerous to walk around in NYC if
  2. BC and Ont were basically swapping variants. We give them the Brazilian and they give us the UK. Lol.
  3. With pause of JJ vaccine in US today, doses to Canada will likely be delayed end of this month (that 15 million doses spoiled in the factory didn't help, but I think Canada gets the doses from Europe). Keep in mind causality not proven yet. There may be other risk factors in combination with the adenovirus vaccine, since it is such as rare event. Age 18-48 female, 6 cases in nearly 7 million doses. Both my uncle and aunt (60+) got AZ. No issues. Two of my other friends got it too, also no issues. Benefit vs risk ratio varies with age and other risk factor
  4. I don't see it from a political lens, since I'm living outside of BC for years now. But getting registered now and getting notice isn't a bad thing. Better than the website crashing when people flood it like going for a rock concert ticket on ticketmaster. My aunt over 65 registered and got a txt notice the next day to book. She will get her vaccine this Thursday. System is working but it is still too slow, partially limited by supply, but I still think they can do it quicker by longer hours on both weekdays and weekends. Need more staff or pay them to work longer hours.
  5. Y. They got rid of the typhoid Mary. Bet the teammates, owner and coaches weren't pleased. Endangered their families too.
  6. Maybe got it through trainers. But community spread is rampant in lower mainland. He could have gotten it elsewhere.
  7. One in and one out. No net change. Guess he got infected elsewhere since he wasn't with the team I assume.
  8. Interesting take on loose vs tight cultures and ability to pivot between the two.
  9. At least the season is still interesting. We don't know yet how this will end.
  10. Still quite a daunting schedule Jets 2 Leafs 4 Sens 4 Flames 4 Oils 5
  11. Certainly not just west vs east. I think NZ and Australia did really well. Societies that place greater emphasis on the we than I are doing better at this.
  12. Again from Dix, estimates: 55-65, 700k people. Frontline worker 300k people.
  13. Even if by miraculous circumstances they make the playoffs, they will have nothing in the tank to win round 1. Reminds me of the short stick they got vs Vegas during the BLM protests and had to play back to back games. They simply didn't have the depth like Vegas.
  14. Info from Dix this past Wed: After the <55 pause, remaining Covishield AZ from India 31,729 moved to pharmacies in lower mainland. Expecting US AZ 203,000 this week. Some are moved to more pharmacies outside of lower mainland. Apr 9 expect 42,900 Covax AZ will arrive.
  15. 60+ now. I assume that's for folks who don't have a pharmacy nearby that provides the 55-65.
  16. Yes, unfortunately. Herd immunity usually is used to describe population immunity for the unvaccinated group that is living within a population that is sufficiently vaccinated. it was never meant that it can be achieved by natural infection. Ebola, SARS, MERS, measles, smallpox, etc never achieved herd immunity via natural infection. It's a fallacy from the right wing nut jobs who do not understand infectious diseases.
  17. Infectious diseases took a back seat to cancer, heart diseases, diabetes in rich countries over the decades due to good public health infrastructure, nutrition, antibiotics and vaccinations. When I was doing my PhD in immunology and infectious diseases, I had to go to BC cancer center to get access to better equipment. I was impressed how much better funding cancer research labs had. I felt like a poor artist begging for money.
  18. Kinda dodged a bullet in 2003 SARS. That was 10% case fatality rate, but it spread mostly in symptomatic people and was contained. Bit disappointed Canada wasn't more prepared, compared to other countries that had SARS like Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, HK. S Korea had MERS more recently. Field hospitals are up in Toronto. Don't let this be in Vancouver. Everyone do their part and flatten the curve. If you are eligible to get a vaccine, go get it. I was able to convince my uncle and aunt in Vancouver to get one. They are in early 60s. https://montreal.ctv
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