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  1. The toilet paper runs and food hoarding is not planning. Its hysteria.
  2. there is nothing thoughtful happening right now. Shutting down the economy to drag millions into poverty around the world will easily kill more people. Its not even close.
  3. You got me their margin of error is only 15M people. The know exactly what is going to happen 100%. When your margin of error is 15M, you don't have a clue.
  4. Enjoy the panic and hysteria. Panic is never a good solution to anything, ever...
  5. You guys are absolutely loosing your minds if you think small or mid sized city in BC is going to have 50% of the population sick from the coronavirus. Italy and NY are dramatically different environments. Most people take public transportation, most people live in multi-family housing, most people have larger social networks, even absurdly simply things like smaller refrigerators have an impact on how frequently people leave the house to get groceries. In Italy it is very common to have Grandparents live with their children. You can definitely see how a younger person who is asymptomatic would have a high probability of killing an older individual in that case.. There is no possibility for this extensive of a spread in any of these smaller communities. There is no real surprise that Europe and NY are in trouble based of demographics and the inter-connectedness of their communities. Whats more compelling is why does a country like Japan and South Korea, who have similar characteristics to Europe and NY, have significantly fewer cases and deaths. I cant believe the fear and panic. Even in Italy almost all deaths are due to 60+ individuals with pre-existing conditions. We are still only talking about 12K dead on a population of 7,530,000,000 globally. Can we get some kind of perspective? 50% of the world will not get sick and hundreds of millions are not going to die. Quarantine the 60+ population with pre-existing conditions. Give them free food, money, the ability to test themselves and easy access to healthcare. Let the rest go about their lives. If the economy crashes, there will be a lot more people that will kill themselves due to suicide, hunger or other diseases that kill poor people.
  6. Also JV looked lost because he is still learning how to hockey. Boeser is like a Rembrandt of Hockey. The guy has just lost his muse. He is entirely uninspired. Its not about inconsistency its about will and desire.
  7. what do you mean give up? The whole idea would be to get full value for a 22 year old with great numbers. Its not like the proposal is trade Boeser for future considerations. That is giving up...
  8. now this one I like too. I like it especially because I think Brock would light it up in Minnesota. He would be the man on that team and for that entire state. He would realize his true potential. Dumba is fantastic player, so it is win-win. I wouldn't want Brock to get the short end of the stick. He is a great human.
  9. This isn't about numbers. His numbers are fine. Its his movement on the ice. Its his passing up shots. Its his not taking on defenders. Its his general aloofness on the ice. Something is wrong...
  10. I know there can be no possibility for criticism. But can you honestly say he is the same player from first season? Have you seen one dynamic play from him this last two seasons? Its not talent related. Ever since Petey arrived he just a shell of himself. Based off his first season, he had real potential to be a 50 goal guy. I think he still does, but there is something going on his head. He isn't taking any initiative. There is no aggression in his game. It is all just passive stuff. I mean he is supposed to be the best shooter this team has ever had since outside of maybe Naslund. All I see on the powerplay is Petey, Hughes and Miller slapping one timers all day. I mean the coach dropped him down low on the PP because he kept on passing up shots. Again, its all just heartbreaking stuff.
  11. Look no one denies the talent. He just doesn't seem to fit in. I thought dropping him onto the Gaudette line was a brilliant idea that way he would drive play again. Get the puck on his stick instead of deferring and passing to Petey all the time. There is no spark in the poor guy. When he was playing with Petey, he would pass up good shots just to get Petey the puck. He no longer believes he is the best player on the ice. It hurts my heart to see it. Green used to roll him out 24min a night in his rookie season, and he would take on anyone and every wrist shot went in. Now he is Petey's butler. Even JT in his brilliance has surpassed him.
  12. I would be a ppg player with Petey and JT. Watch the games, this isn't season 1 Boeser. He isn't skating through players getting off beautiful wristers. They don't even really pass him the puck all that often anymore. Its tough to watch.