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  1. I took my son to games in 2018 and the fall of 2019 and the matinee games were ideal. It is disappointing to hear that there aren't any this year. I guess April 3 against Vegas at 4:00 PM will be the one I'll try for.
  2. I'd advocate for more. Repeat offender. If Rome got 4 in the FINALS, Kadri needs at least that many in the first round!
  3. Gruelling week ahead for the Canucks! Can't be often that teams have 5 in 7 these days. Go Canucks go!
  4. Hoping for a good start and energy level from the team tonight. Go Canucks go!
  5. I'm not sure why, but I get an Ohlund vibe watching him play.
  6. Loved that win! I wonder if there are any reinforcements coming for the next game?
  7. If an all Canadian division happens as has been rumoured, moving the AHL squad north of the border makes sense doesn’t it?
  8. Another 2003 account here that has upped his pace because of this run!
  9. Let’s GO Canucks! Get a big win as a big salute to the NHL and their ridiculous schedule!
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