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  1. Has anyone made a video using the Streets (or flute for that matter) intro music with this season highlights?  I just watched an old streets intro and it gave me chills!

  2. Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer!  


    1. Justdean10


      They know how to make a good trailer. Lets hope the movie is good too. 

    2. luckylager



      If they &^@# up the final movie of the Skywalker saga, I'm gonna be wicked pissed.

  3. Single game tickets acquired!

  4. FYI: Endgame tickets are on sale!

  5. The highlight of our TDL so far is Pu jokes.  Save us Benning!

    1. Alflives


      When has JB done anything really exciting at a TDL?  Yes, he moved Hansen and Burr, but were the returns exciting?  

  6. Anyone able to get the single game pre-sale code to work?  

    1. Wash


      Never mind - figured it out.

  7. I am a leaf on the wind. 

  8. Nice to see Vanek lighting it up tonight!

    1. Rounoush


      7 unanswered!? Ouch, Edmonton.

  9. Lost in shuffle of today's TDL reaction is that there weren't a lot of trades overall, let alone ones involving players of significance.

  10. Last Jedi is great!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      As good as it might be. It's going to be hard to top this.



    2. -AJ-


      @Ghostsof1915 Donnie Yen is great.

    3. Alflives


      Like Star Wars, but all these films jumbled up in their seven events of events got my fur in a knot.  Wasn’t Luke the last Jedi?

  11. So, who has a U2 presale code to share?

  12. Looks like Markstrom is in today.  Go Sweden!

  13. Happiness is realizing the Pens play 5 times this week and finding Hornqvist and Kunitz available in my pool.

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