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  1. I'd advocate for more. Repeat offender. If Rome got 4 in the FINALS, Kadri needs at least that many in the first round!
  2. Gruelling week ahead for the Canucks! Can't be often that teams have 5 in 7 these days. Go Canucks go!
  3. Hoping for a good start and energy level from the team tonight. Go Canucks go!
  4. I'm not sure why, but I get an Ohlund vibe watching him play.
  5. Loved that win! I wonder if there are any reinforcements coming for the next game?
  6. Has anyone made a video using the Streets (or flute for that matter) intro music with this season highlights?  I just watched an old streets intro and it gave me chills!

  7. Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer!  


    1. Justdean10


      They know how to make a good trailer. Lets hope the movie is good too. 

    2. luckylager



      If they &^@# up the final movie of the Skywalker saga, I'm gonna be wicked pissed.

  8. Single game tickets acquired!

  9. FYI: Endgame tickets are on sale!

  10. The highlight of our TDL so far is Pu jokes.  Save us Benning!

    1. Alflives


      When has JB done anything really exciting at a TDL?  Yes, he moved Hansen and Burr, but were the returns exciting?  

  11. Anyone able to get the single game pre-sale code to work?  

    1. Wash


      Never mind - figured it out.

  12. I am a leaf on the wind. 

  13. Nice to see Vanek lighting it up tonight!

    1. Rounoush


      7 unanswered!? Ouch, Edmonton.

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