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  1. End result was a 5 month prohibition. Received a letter Jan 24 that was issued Jan 10. Applied for a review attaching a letter and was reduced by 2 months. I will be back on the road this week a changed man.
  2. No I'll watch the speed. And quite frankly being caught I was only commuting to work. I drove into a trap. I wasn't driving the hell out of my car or trying to pass people. It was a surprise and that's the way it had to go. I can follow the signs, that's a choice I'll do differently going forward.
  3. I've learned more about myself actually. I could let this ruin my daily outlook and sulk about costs and restrictions but rather I accept it's out of my control now. What's done is done. It's more important to stay positive, make the most out of every day and adapt as needed. I'm not prohibited yet but once that comes I'll deal with the arrangements and live every day fully. I accept the consequences but I'm not going to let the "program" affect my spirit or way of life. That's #1. #2 is obvious. They nail you pretty harshly when you drive 41km over a speed limit.
  4. As my car has been impounded twice I was served notice that the impound increased from 7-days to 30-days. The kick in the nards is the prohibition time will follow (not be served concurrently). A bigger kick in the nards is typing this out knowing CDCers enjoy reading it.
  5. So since nobody knows I'll update with what happens. I was caught driving like a douchebag. I don't want or deserve sympathy. I feel bad about the situation but it's too late. I'll pay the ticket, accept what is handed down and move forward with better understanding of my actions and the consequences.
  6. Basically yeah, my question was if it's automatic prohibition. Apart from the ticket in July I have a clean driving history. I'm not saying I don't deserve it. I'll accept what is coming down and change my behaviours. Just being prepared. Not trolling.
  7. I'm an experienced class 5 driver. 2 Excessive Speeds in 5 months (6pts total) at the identical spot. Criteria indicates prohibition for 2 like offenses within a 1-year span. Is this a guarantee? Looking for clarity. The vehicle is being governed next week.
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