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  1. Because they want instant gratification. Same deal with Juolevi. There's a reason they aren't quitting on him.. Many NHLers have said they can't believe his speed
  2. Agreed. The idea that Tanev is not a quality guy who can play on your top pairing is ridiculous. That being said, I do think 6 years is too long, and I understand why Benning let him walk
  3. I don't think Vancouver has the room to trade a Dman. Also there's 0 way Montreal takes that. Virtanen Sutter prospect pick is a bit more realistic
  4. In retrospect. I am a little disheartend that 4(mid value) ufas walked. The fact that JB got nothing for even Stetchers rights was a tad frustrating
  5. So its a good contract if Vegas has him at 5.9 but its a bad contract if Vancouver has it.
  6. You keep Demko. I love Markstrom but he's at the age where he can win now. If he goes I'd like to see him go somewhere where he could win a cup, now.
  7. When everyone was saying Brock would get 7M, I was saying 5.5-6M. Everyone is saying Petes going to get 8M. I think he's going to get 6.7-7.3M. Term will be the same as Boesers. Hughes, probably gets a similar contract. Benning is going to give all these kids a bridge to make a window.
  8. Toffoli snipes and plays gritty hockey. He's also a x2 cup winner. He's worth the money
  9. I mean, all you've done is speculate. Let's be honest here. He also may not be trying those things because he has such a short leash and doesn't want to make mistakes, shell shocked. I think that's a much more reasonable assumption than assuming you know what he's been doing, or if he's actually lazy or not. Also you say he's learned the game defensively, and another poster backed it up with stats earlier. And then you say he's never back in his own zone. He was 3rd on the team in takeaways this playoff run, I do believe. So, a lot. To answer your question. Statistically he performs well when surrounded by talent. That's where he should be.
  10. If Benning had traded for Jake, or he was a big signing, he'd be stapled to the top 2 lines ala Eriksson.
  11. Honestly, I don't care where he succeeds so long as he succeeds. If he's a Kunitz or a Maroon, so be it. Enough with the politics, place him where he succeeds.
  12. I don't get why people are confused. Look who he was on the ice with for his goals. Do I wish he hit more? Yes, but that's obviously a coaching issue, and how he's been deployed. Virt is not a player you quit on