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  1. You're the exception, not the rule. 99% of us, including myself, my brother, and his family(including a 67y old) all recovered without any effects.
  2. I don't see Gaudette in the hospital, and expect him to be fine. Uhh what's wrong with a 99% success bet?
  3. Uh. I wear a mask 8 hours a day at work and then again at home. Stop knee jerking and assuming Im anti-mask. All I'm getting across is the complete failure of our leadership. I voted ndp in provincial and federal elections, and I feel let down. I also know that some of these mandates, such as glory holes and no showering after hockey are stupid. Stop parroting. I know to wear a mask
  4. You're awfully presumptuous. How is it wrong for me to say they're doing a $&!# job? They are. I can already tell I'm wasting my time with you though. You guys on CDC are a reverberating echo chamber on every topic.
  5. My favourite part is Horgan saying this is all on folks 20-39 years old, as if we haven’t done our part for over a year (as well as being those on the frontlines), while he’s sat around pandering to businesses and industry instead of dealing with this properly over a year ago. Feck him. This is on them. The continued spread of the virus and the mental health crisis (which was already bad before the pandemic).
  6. What's really funny is they said only N95 masks worked and that you couldn't simply use a cloth mask when it all started. Nor could you just wrap a shirt around your face. Covid is real. The people ordering mandates are whats fake.
  7. It won't. And I'd bet my life savings on him being perfectly fine. This kind of news is non news.
  8. Ah, so he is. My point is, getting another centre isn't a bad thing. You can create a logjam, and players don't like being stuck somewhere. You can play centres on the wing and whatnot, but I think the Canucks need more goal scoring wingers, and a steady shut down D.
  9. I think he played a big part in Marner and Matthews being the two way studs they are
  10. Why? Pete Miller BoHo Podkolzin are all Cs and sub 28. With 3 sub 25. The Canucks need defence and wingers
  11. I think he makes veterans out of players. His way of teaching might not have been up to par, humanely, but what he teaches is responsible hockey, and accountability.
  12. People would hate it, but Babcock would help the young guys "get it" He got canceled, but he's still one the greats.
  13. That's not the point. The point was we haven't been scoring very many goals for a very long time. This whole not scoring thing has been going on for awhile. It dried up and had shown glimpses of coming back last season. Miller, Pete, Bo, Boeser, all looked lethal, with Virt almost at 20. It sucks the season was cut short. Now this season the struggles are there again, but with Boeser leading the way. No one at a point per game.
  14. Oh, okay. Almost 10 years without a 30 goal scorer and thats why. Yup totally.
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