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  1. Ryan Miller went back to his old style after Ian Clarkes coaching had a negative effect on his game.
  2. One of those coaches was Willie D
  3. We aren't Leafs nation. I remember Canuck fans lamenting Toronto fans for putting bags on their heads. I understand its just an emote essentially, but its the culture it brings with it.
  4. Myers is having a pretty good season, while averaging a Canuck best of 22:22 per game.
  5. Nate Schmidt was Vegas #1 D prior to Shea Theodore. Edler has been playing #1 minutes his whole career, essentially. Tyler Myers has always been a minute muncher. It's the system, not the players. Looking for it
  6. When Gudbranson left for Pittsburgh he had a very telling interview about how it was nice to play in Pittsburgh, as they actually had a defensive system in place.
  7. You realize that, statistically, Myers has been the Canucks best d-man this season, right?
  8. If removing Brown and Baumgartner means losing Green, it's a sacrifice that must be made. There are many more Greens out there, but there are only one of Brown and Baumgartner plaguing this team.
  9. Im the exact type of person to say I told you so. OJ is going to turn heads this year, among Canuck fans. Steady, calm, hard working, and high hockey IQ. Juolevi has a Iot of tangibles you can't teach. I can't wait until he finds confidence in his unrated shot.