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  1. As much as I love Lidstrom, he was also on an elite Detroit team a lot of the time for star power, which helps him to a degree, Forsberg was with Sakic as main star power during the best years. Gotta give it to Forsberg by a slim margin.
  2. Got in truck at end of work and it registered a 49 degree temp after baking in the sun all day...I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the hotter days in the one building that has A/C

    1. VancouverHabitant


      Next time leave one door of the truck open, and then open & close the other door a few times.  This pushes the hot air out of your truck.  It will still be scorching hot but you may drop the temperature down by 5 degrees. 

    2. VancouverHabitant
  3. So someone in town got electrocuted on a job site yesterday and suffered burns from the armpits down..rumored to have lost a hand, though I haven't seen that in writing.

    1. Zhukini


      Damn that’s scary I was watching a video the other day about someone who was inches away from a lightning bolt but ended up ok because he had his hand on his bike and the rubber tires kept him grounded 

  4. Having break at work and apparently an old school BC Lions guy is here visiting some people he knows of our crew..Lefty Hendrickson

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Better than Al Pacino's Lefty, sellin' furgazis..that fellah was KNOWN, forgettaboutit!

  5. Well..phone died out on me an hour into my workday yesterday..had to spend $120 on a temporary replacement since it's completely toast, what fun..

    1. goalie13


      There's your problem.  You should never use a phone made from toast.  Not only is the screen crumbly, but they have no water resistance at all.  They just get soggy.

    2. Roger Neilsons Towel

      Roger Neilsons Towel

      Sometimes you just gotta get up and take a number and keep playing. Hopefully the rest of your week is better. Cheers

  6. Firetruck with everyone in plastic suits over them (assuming covid protocol) just quietly pulled up next door with just lights flashing, accompanied with 2 ambulances, in and out in 15 mins with one person taken away on a gurney.

    1. Violator


      Probably zombies

  7. Well that show I'm rusty..2 days back at work after over a year..and I go in winter boots instead of steel toed boots like needed, only realizing the mistake when walking in the house after work.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Good thing occupational safety was so sharp as well. ;)

    2. GoCanucks16


      you know, steel-toed boots are designed to slice your toes off in case of a crushing load falling on your foot. this is because the alternative is having the toes crushed, which is much more difficult (if not impossible) to repair surgically than having to simply reattach the toes. they don't protect against damage completely and are actually designed to inflict a reduced harm in case of necessity. a lot of people don't know this.

  8. Chara anywhere but Boston after so long just doesn't feel right, though that's always the case when long time players leave a franchise. Gonna be an interesting shortened season all around I'd say.
  9. Bleh...waking up to snow and it hasnt stopped since the morning yet...too early for this much

    1. brilac


      That’s neat! I really like snow!

  10. ...3 schools put on temporary lockdowns to start their days for awhile this morning, after someone was shot and sent to hospital with non-life threatening injury. No suspects found.

  11. I went outside to toss out some garbage and there was a random cat named Gandalf laying on a toolbox in the yard...very friendly cat..

    1. Roberts


      was he white or grey?

    2. Ghostsof1915


      Did he block your way to the bin and say. "YOU SHALL NOT...PASS!!!! Without a scratch under my chin first." ?

    3. PrideInThisTeam


      @Roberts Gandalf the slate grey, to be exact. And he just hung out with me in the yard for awhile until I went back inside, looking for attention the whole time @Ghostsof1915

  12. Julien out as coach for at least the rest of Montreals series after being taken to hospital experiencing chest pains..Kirk Muller replacing him in the meantime. Always hope its nothing too serious.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. PrideInThisTeam


      Julien had to have a coronary stent put in his heart, so he's gone back to Montreal for now.

    3. JM_


      ^ thats a very simple procedure now. They go in through a blood vessel in your leg and pop that little sucker right into your artery. 

    4. kingofsurrey


      Relative had a stent installed...  super quick and easy.  Simple procedure now. 

  13. So apparently the woman who fell from a balcony and died on wednesday in toronto is very likely someone I went to school with, shame

  14. A retired nurse in town was one of the people working on saving the deceased one for quite awhile, she was in the wreckage which suggests she wasnt able to eject. In the words of a witness living near the airport; "The plane did a barrel roll, and shortly after the barrel roll there was a spark and the pilot ejected".
  15. It was practically just across the river from where I live in town, I've heard reports of one dead and one alive as well, but nothing confirmed as of yet.
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