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  1. So true, Petey and Hughes get crazy amount of minutes whether they are playing good or bad. On the other hand, it looks like Garland's minutes have diminished since his "run in" in Detroit. All the while hard workers like Podkolzin and Hoglander ride the pine. Frustrating.
  2. When your team plays like a "drop in" , "non-contact" hockey league, or a ringette league, there's an issue.
  3. Many have mentioned what the issues are and its funny its been like this for years. I just shake my head when our player shoots and then doesn't even follow up on the play. Its like the play is over because their shot didn't go in! We are constantly looking for that perfect shot, look no further then our PP for an example of that. No garbage goals and no one willing to pay the price in front of the net. Chiasson was something like we needed but still not a perfect fit. It did give our PP a different dimension though. The 2011 finals was a good example as well. We were too busy looking for penalties and not enough "fighting like our life depended on it" in front of the net. I don't think Vigneault was a fan of this type of play either. He was looking for the perfect plays too. We will continue to be like this unless we get more players who think outside the box like a Garland or a Motte. Too many "drive by's" and not enough players willing to go to the net and cause havoc.
  4. This was my concern as well when the whole "who is going to be the next Captain after Hank retires" debate. The Culture is no different since the Sedins, and Nazzy before that, and we have never identified the true identity of the team. Is this team Bo's or just a continuation of Hank and Nazzy before him? The team really needs some kind of "shake up" and the only logical step is the Coach but as we seen when Torts was brought in, that never worked, the team just stopped playing for him. Maybe this is what we are seeing with Green as well. I think the players really need to take responsibility and show this through action. This is what Linden did and I have not seen that accountability since.
  5. Good point, which is maybe why his intensity and tenacity has lessened drastically since then. Sad.
  6. I agree with you to a point, yes the days of the "goon" are gone, but there are advantages to having guys on the team who will not hesitate to get in the scrum when things get ugly, or keep guys like McDavid thinking he is untouchable and thinking he can do what ever he wants on the ice. He is so cocky now that he is taking liberties with our smaller less aggressive players. This cannot happen. A McDavid who is keeping an eye scanning for an open ice hit is far better then when he can only worry about how many points he is going to score that night. We have two good examples of good and bad "pesky" play. The Good? Garland without a doubt, no cheap shots just intensive play which the opposition doesn't like. It also helps that he is a lot smaller then them for added effect. The Bad? Roussel. The Good? Meyers. The bad? Macewen, too little too late. Its too bad Ferland didn't pan out as he would solved a lot of issues in this regard. The other thing that seems evident is that Green does not have an agenda for aggressive play which I am thinking causes a lot of frustration for players such as Miller. Another frustrating component of this is that is makes for very, very boring hockey.
  7. This has been going on for so long I would imagine its part of the "Culture" of the team now.
  8. I agree, look how long it took for a "Response" to Duncan Keith's shenanigans. Is Checking/Hitting still a thing? I seen lots of aggressive play by the opposition and NO RESPONSE so far this year. It is embarrassing. It's also becoming very boring to watch. Garlands play against Detroit was "Classic" and I miss that type of hockey, it has a little passion and feeling which brings about far more interesting competition between teams.
  9. I just don't understand why it took so long. I don't think he was even bumped all the years we played him. I guess that's why every other team believes they can take liberties with our smaller talented forwards whenever they want. Hopefully this changes their mind somewhat.
  10. I like him as well, he is the second coming of Cliff Ronning. There was a reason he was given the handle "crafty" and Garland displays those skills as well.
  11. So how long did it take for this guy to get what he deserves? Myers is my hero no matter how he plays here on out.
  12. Exactly this. IMO, he is an improvement over Beagle, Sutter and Roussel. None of which could play the role of net front presence. Others are thinking he is taking a prospects spot which I believe is false. This type of player is NEEDED on a team and is a COMPLIMENT to our younger more talented players. The fact that Edmonton just let him go should tell you how important this kind of player is to a team. All kidding aside, I believe others will see his value as the season progresses, as does Miller does already.
  13. That is what I noticed too, he complements our skilled players. He does things JV/Roussel should have been doing. He does have skill as well so I would like to see him in the line up somewhere. Maybe not in the top line but he does have a skill set that this team requires. IMO.
  14. This one hands down............Just kidding, Gino against the Blues with out a doubt.
  15. Thanks Deb for starting this post, this is how discussions start on such an important part of Canada's History. I encourage everyone to do research on the policies and laws that were enacted to accomplish what the government was trying to do at the time. The "Indian Act" and other policies were started and still continue today. There is actually legislature in place to continue Residential Schools if they wished and do it "legally". There are about 6000 graves and growing at a about a dozen or more schools, so far, here in Canada and the US. There are about 149 Residential Schools in Canada so if you do the math, this is going to be far worse then any of us could have imagined.
  16. Burrows, in my mind, was the only one who thought of the "team first" when it was time for him to move on but none of the others would sacrifice anything for the team, especially Edler. The Great "Sedins" could have sacrificed a year to bring in something for the future for the team, but they didn't. No matter what they decide, we will get fair market value for them even if its just picks. I believe the character of the player is a game changer and if money is the issue then I can't see that true commitment to win a Cup at all costs. So to me, that brings down their value. I would much rather see a "Motte" type player give his all in the playoffs then watch some Whiney player complain about this or that. Maybe that's just me. Sorry about the 10/11 Million dollar statement I didn't know you were the "literal" type.
  17. I would be concerned that this team does not make the same mistakes that it has in the past where they were very loyal to some players and it turned out to bite them in the butt. What did the Sedins, Edler, Tanev or Markstrom do to help the team out after they were treated with years and years of loyalty? This is a business and a team, I am more interested in players signing here because they want to win a cup and they will do this at ALL COSTS! Sure we can pay them outrageous amounts of money but what does that leave the team to do to surround them with quality players? I say offer them a fair deal and if they refuse, then move on and bring in someone who will play for just a little less for the team to succeed. Really do they need 11 million instead of 10 Million per year? Really?
  18. Horvat is a rarity that has not been seen on this team for a long time. If anyone has the potential to compete against Linden as one of the greatest, it will be Bo. The good thing is that Bo may not have shown us his best yet and that is very exciting for us as Canucks fans. Maybe he is able to achieve what no one else has ever been able to do. Good times are ahead for sure.
  19. If we are talking Greatest Player during the regular season? Or Greatest Player's? Well Hank and Dank are undeniably in there. Imagine if Bure had a twin who had similar skills and he played at the same time as Pavel. He made Gino Odjick a point producer which in itself is a crazy accomplishment. Would you rather Hank taking a penalty shot or Pavel? How about a point shot on the PP? How about a foot race to the puck? Loved the Twins but Bure was in a class all by himself. I would also pick Linden in second place then the Twins.
  20. To me, it all comes down to excuses. The 94 refs were brutal too and no one wanted anyone else to win other then the Oilers, I mean the NYR's. When money was no object, that team was built. Why do you think Bure retaliated on Churla? The refs were doing nothing about the abuse he was taking. The bottom line is the Sedins and Luongo were our Superstars(Heroes to some) and they never shined when it mattered the most.
  21. I disagree, Linden scored 2 goals in Game seven with broken ribs. When you have heart and soul for the game, you find a way to overcome. Bure was picked on and he fought back, Linden was brutalized by Messier, and he fought back. You don't just stand there and take it, my god, or just roll over and give up because you are beat up.
  22. I basically lost my respect for them after that post season, they were my heroes before that. The domination they displayed during the regular season disappeared and they had a tough time even getting past the tight checking they endured and didn't dominate in any series they played that year, especially the Chicago series. That incident with Marchand took the cake for me and they continued to receive "cheap shots" for the rest of their careers. Not something you want to see in a contact sport like hockey.
  23. In what world do you see Daniel even thinking of doing that? It doesn't matter what era you are playing in, a "hockey player" should never let that happen. He didn't have to "knock him out" but he had to at least stop him from doing it, to save face. It was so bad, I was embarrassed for him.
  24. I don't know if I would say they had "plenty of it". Kesler yes, Burrows yes, but I wouldn't go much more then that. There was no way that we should have let Chicago even get anywhere near eliminating us, but they did. Getting beat 8-1 in a final and then getting shutout in Game 7? For a team that dominated in the regular season and scored on the PP at will, that all disappeared in the playoffs. We were a different team(2011) in the playoffs and it wasn't for the better. We Dominated in the regular season but struggled in the playoffs that was obvious. The whole playoff series in 94 was exciting from the beginning of the playoffs to the final minute of game 7. We were never out of it and they pushed for every minute that they played , which made the playoffs really exciting to watch. I basically stopped watching half way through game 7 in 2011, that's how bad it was. Here is the best way to compare the character of each team, Bure elbowed the enforcer for Dallas in 94' and Sedin let a little rat punch him in the face with out a single shot back in 2011. Big difference.
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