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  1. This. Great to see he got such high recognition making it to the final wave of cuts. ...prospect pool is looking very bright. Specifically love this aspect that JB has been able to improve on. These mid-late round picks are looking more and more like steals. Very pleasing from an organizational stand point. Just hope a fair chunk of them can translate to the NHL level; that's really all there is left and what separates great scouts from the rest - being able to draft them in the first place, and then successfully transitioning them. As it stands, JB has knocked the 1st
  2. Why do you take so much offense to when anyone points out anything wrong with the team? How is that in anyway trying to run Jake out of town? It's just the reality and truth. Jake is barely hanging on as a NHLer atm. What's wrong with saying that? Lol
  3. @ScottOake: Pleased that After Hrs returns in its previous form tomorrow nt. Guests are Manny Malhotra and Brandon Sutter. Questions? #AfterHours

  4. If it was that easy, everyone could/would do it. Guessing you haven't played much hockey. Those simple/easy looking plays are the toughest to pull off. Easier said than done.
  5. Remember when I said Matthews is a generational player and you said he isn't, even tho he surpassed everything Eichel did at the same age? Remember when I said if Matthews was a few days younger he'd go #2 behind McDavid and just barely, followed by Eichel a notch below and you said Eichel would go 2? 



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    2. Scottish⑦Canuck


      Oh God... Matthews is the new Ronaldo...

    3. Shift-4


      Next up, TRR will write a letter to Hitler telling him invading the rest of Europe was a bad idea. :lol:

    4. Qwags


      While we're here, let's make fun of his rotting corpse.

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