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  1. Ravens and Broncos seasons ending tonight. Merry Xmas indeed ...feel for Steve Smith tho. That man deserves a ring. Hope he doesn't hang em up.
  2. Ravens, out. Hopefully Denver is out. If so, confident the Pats can make it to the SB. And as long as Eli doesn't meet us there....
  3. Looks like he's yelling "it's broke it's broke" when he's down. ...planted his right leg/foot, and got his entire body turned nearly 360 degrees. Has to be some sort of ankle injury. ...really unfortunate
  4. Carr goes down too now. Some sort of a leg injury. Too early to tell the severity of it. What a terrible day of injuries.
  5. Game summed up in 2 tweets:
  6. ARod out there slaying. gawddemn!
  7. No, just this one user is a creeper and it's freaky af. Feel for him he has to go out of his way everyday to do this. What a life loollll
  8. The not so funny thing is you really do minus me everyday. Not that it even bothers me in anyway, its just that it's really creepy you literally wait for me to post just so you can ...says more about you than anything, and certainly nothing to be proud of; its just so sadly pathetic, get a life
  9. Says the ones who started the childish blaming when in reality, I again just proved the hypocrisy and double standards they hold. But sure thing, whatever floats your boat.
  10. Wow, classic libtard hypocrites. Apparently they're allowed to post these "memes" but I can't post a gif because it's apparently illegal and harmful. Then again, I'm not surprised ...since hypocrisy is all they know, even their angel of a candidate Hillary who they supported bahahaha
  11. Guys, please stop using humour or gifs in this thread. Apparently, it is not allowed since a select few take personal offense to it for whatever reason. What a world we live in. Classic Dems somehow playing the victim card on nothing more than a harmless comment
  12. Never knew the use of a gif was illegal but sure. If anything, its just that you folks are too sensitive and are getting riled up for no apparent reason. Man, you must be fun at parties!
  13. Why you so salty and always minussing my posts? Hahahahaha get a life. Seems everyday you do and I'll gladly return the favour. e: ...talk about a sensitive lefty. Cry some more, please
  14. Victor Lindelof seen signing United shirt for a fan outside. All but set in stone now. Not even going to act or pretend like I know much about him. Swedish defender, shouldn't be worth much. Don't really see the rush especially if the price goes up. Rather just wait till the next transfer window and/or get a more experienced defender. But likewise, same was said about Bailly and he's turned out phenomenal albeit the nagging injuries here and there so don't mind either way. However, have read good things about him. Supposed to be good with his feet and head, a good passer, and strength being ability to take the ball upfield. Although he played RB during the 2015 U21 Euros, his best position and preference is centreback. He seems a bit overpriced for 'where he's at' in his career but Mourinho tends to know his CB's well so I trust him. Hopefully he'll be a solid addition to our options and it doesn't take him long to settle with Bailly going to be away at the AFCON and Jones/Smalling bound to have their injury problems again.
  15. You can keep telling yourself that, but that type of action/tactics/excuses/behaviour is why Americans voted for Trump. They're sick and tired of the same old crap the Dems keep pulling.
  16. ^ye I watched Tim&Sid today. Everyone is at fault but Kinzer the most. He screwed EE over more term+$ and moved him out of TO. Likewise, Jays management for jumping the gun slightly too quick and signing Morales early. Classic TO sports blunder. Not surprised something this bizarre occurred. Still upset.
  17. Obama: My approval rating tanked because of the 'fictional character' Fox, Limbaugh created http://www.theblaze.com/news/2016/12/22/obama-my-approval-rating-tanked-because-of-the-fictional-character-fox-limbaugh-created/ There he goes again, incompetent narcissist... Maybe people just didn't like what you were doing? And arrogance, yup, that's the definition right there. What is it with the left? They can never take responsibility for their own actions. See it with Hillary and Obama.
  18. Says the leftist who supports Obama and Hillary and special interests and are essentially controlled by foreign entities
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