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  1. I actually quite enjoyed him. I liked how he wasn’t afraid to call out a bad play by players. He definitely needs improvement, definitely talked too much about his own career, but it was his first couple games commentating. I’d like to see him get a couple more games and see how he does more comfortably in the role.
  2. Just got back home. Gadjovich and Lockwood were fantastic to watch. They each gave 110% out there tonight, and had the building buzzing. Podkolzin was good too. Looked like he fit right in. Garland and OEL were great out there, and the OEL-Poolman pairing was solid.
  3. I’m going to the game tonight. Feels like I’m a part of history. First Canucks home game with fans since the shut down. I’m PUMPED for Podkolzin!!!
  4. If Kotkaniemi doesn’t perform well next season, it completely takes away the negotiating power of Montreal because he could very well just sign his inflated qualifying offer.
  5. Carolina did it 100% on purpose. Montreal will have to qualify Kotkaniemi at 6.1m after next season. Absolute troll job by the Hurricanes.
  6. I'm out in Abbotsford. 1. Favourite Restaurant - S+L Kitchen and Bar. It's a nice non-commercialized restaurant to sit down at and pretend I'm fancy for an evening. 2. Favourite Place to have a drink. - A lot of good breweries in Abbotsford. Honourable mention to Fieldhouse Brewery, but I have to go with Trading Post Brewery. Less busy, great food, and great beer. 3. Favourite Place to watch a hockey game other than my living room - Gotta go with Rogers Arena. I love going to Canuck games live and try to go to at least 2-3. I was fortunate enough to go to 5 (almost 6, thanks Covid) the season before Covid shut everything down. I imagine ticket prices will have gone up this year, so I might not be able to go to more than one or two, but I'm definitely gonna try.
  7. OEL, Hughes, and Subban on the same top 6 is a defensive disaster waiting to happen.
  8. Linus Ullmark was single handedly winning Buffalo games this season. With this tandem, do they win more than 5?
  9. Dylan Guenther and Rasmus Andersson are really the only ones that might. That’s 2/23, I think we’re okay.
  10. Sad. I really liked Holtby even before he was a Canuck. I think it’s a good call though.
  11. Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle, and now Virtanen all gone in a week. Benning trying to fix his past mistakes.
  12. Did the Kraken just decide they only need defence?
  13. I think Tampa might pay a premium to try and get Seattle to take Tyler Johnson. They’ve been trying to dump his contract for a long time.
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