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  1. It's hard to pick one. The Burrows thread, 18 year old Sam Bennett, GMMG out Gm'd, Raymond Ballard and a 2nd, Apricot breaking every shutout ever. So many good memories.
  2. I started following this forum when I was around 12 years old. I’m 28 now. Over half my life I got all my Canucks news from right here. This is a very sad day for a lot of Canucks fans.
  3. I picked Krutov. There was so much hype and so many expectations around him when he came over from Russia, only for him to come to the Canucks extremely out of shape.
  4. Marner had a NMC kick in on July 1st, he isn’t going anywhere.
  5. The Neely trade was terrible, but I can understand why the Canucks made the trade at the time. There is 0 justifying the OEL trade. As much as I love Garland, it was inexcusable at the time. There was 0 need to acquire OEL’s cap hit. Benning should rightfully go down as one of the worst GMs in NHL history, and this blunder was the stamp of his legacy. It doesn’t even really matter at this point how Guenther develops. Even if he flops, we’re still paying OEL for 10 years.
  6. It’s definitely up there. I think the worst one I’ve watched in my lifetime that I can remember was the 2012 Kings Vs Devils Final. Two teams playing the trap, and LA nearly had the sweep. 2007 and 2021 were pretty bad too. Ottawa and Montreal both just got absolutely destroyed.
  7. I was at the game. The atmosphere was incredible. Abbotsford has fully embraced the Canucks
  8. As a Canucks fan, Bure, the Sedins, and Lu hurt. However, I’d go with any of Dionne, Iginla, Stastny, and Lundqvist. All incredible talents wasted on poor teams.
  9. I was not until the last few weeks. At this point, there’s just no way to salvage the year. Might as well try for Bedard.
  10. Might be a hot take, but I’d much rather buyout Boeser. Garland is having a down year, but is much more consistent 5 on 5.
  11. Personally, I’m in favour of this. A few of my closest friends are die hard Oilers fans. We were very excited to go watch an Oilers/Canucks tilt in Vancouver together, only to find out that there is only one game in Vancity this year, which drove ticket prices through the roof (and they were already ridiculous to begin with). It’d be nice to have each division rival here twice.
  12. I tuned in for the third after skipping the second. Glad I came back and am happily eating crow!
  13. My Dad and I had a very poor relationship growing up. He’s a very bitter person due to his rough upbringing which put a huge strain on our relationship, and growing up we had almost nothing in common, as we are radically different people. However, my Dad and I always had the Canucks. Dad introduced me to the team when I was a whole year old, and I grew up a diehard Canucks fan my whole life from then on. My Dad took me to my first game when I was 7, and Christmas of 2019, I finally got to return the favour and take him to a game. The last few seasons have been rough, but even so, I don’t know where I’d be without the boys. They’ve helped me through some really dark days just by watching their games and cheering as hard as I can. I grew up in Alberta, and moved to Abbotsford 6 years ago for schooling. I’m so thankful now that I can be there in person to cheer them on. It really is a dream come true for me.
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