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  1. I’m pretty sure the AHL merger with St. Louis was because the Blues farm team couldn’t afford to play this year, not the other way around. If the dude’s gonna rag on ownership, he should at least get his facts straight. Also our mess does in fact lie on mostly on Benning. We’re still spending to the cap, and his poor contracts are what’s crippling us.
  2. I think it’s just because he’s only had one practice in over a week. They don’t want to throw him in off the deep-end without making sure he’s game ready, even if the games are meaningless now. I’m fine with him sitting tonight, but I really hope he’s ready against Edmonton.
  3. Torts informed the Jackets that he was walking, but I assume it was mutual.
  4. I love Eddie, but I think it’s time to move on. He’s lost a step this year, and it’s been really showing.
  5. Highmore’s actually had a quietly good game. I’ve hardly noticed Lind
  6. Not yet, but I’m on the waiting list for when I’m eligible.
  7. Man, so fricking proud of this team. We were gassed out of the gate but we hung on and held in.
  8. Even though it’s a loss, it’s really good to have the Comets playing again.
  9. Holtby could’ve had the last two. Not a great game on his end. Not gonna fault him in the shootout though, that Tatar deke was filthy.
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