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  1. We don’t have final rankings yet for all the same. im just saying if McTavish goes top 5 I don’t think anyone will bat an eyelash when Hayton went we were like HOLY F NO WAY we getting ZADINA OR HUGHES!! it was really surprising.
  2. Honestly I was super high on both those guys too and still am. Imo he ranked them well. Time will tell still though
  3. Well I linked two 2s a 7 and a 8 safe to say Hayton wasn’t even being talked about like that pre draft. I’m curious to see bob mac final rankings cause those are pretty reflective of the leagues draft boards. I think McTavish will be higher on his final one
  4. Conway has no triple deke or C material though! Haha oh ya that’s why I’m curious the difference between turcotte and beniers. Be interesting to see who ends up being the better player long term for me
  5. I understand C can go higher. Kotkaniemi and Hayton are fantastic examples of that. i just thought they were extreme examples because no one had hayton ranked top 5 from what I can remember? Maybe my memory is wrong here though. even kotkaniemi I don’t think he was ranked high on most lists but on mocks he would go to Montreal because it was leaked they were high on him and wanted a C
  6. Clarke is a strong skater? watch him skate the puck out for the men’s team there are clips too where he is under pressure form forecheckers and he evades then with ease and gets the puck up fast literally looking like Quinn Hughes. And that’s as a kid against men, professional men’s forechecking too
  7. That’s the interesting part because McTavish and Beniers are the only true C prospects being mocked in the top 10. makes me wonder if a Raty / Luscius will sneak up higher. but ya I’d be pretty pumped if we got a quality kid and C prospect like Beniers or McTavish at 9. im wondering if Turcotte >, =, < Beniers i saw this on Hf and thought it was funny (not saying I agree though):
  8. I agree 100% but if there is a forward or an unreal goalie prospect or a LHD prospect that’s head and heels better over our next ranked rhd we can’t make that reach. We need the best impact player that our scouts believe in at the pick. That’s just my opinion. would I love a rhd to be selected there 100%. but it may also not be a huge position of need in 3 years. We do have Woo coming, we do have Myers locked up fo awhile and Hughes could always slot over to the right no problem if we got him a really strong defensive partner on the left side. i just
  9. I think he has a high floor but not the highest ceiling. so some gms/scouts could have him below certain guys in the top of the draft. honestly this years draft can go so many different ways I’m really excited to see how it goes down
  10. He’s as high as 2 on rankings so McTavish comparison to Hayton I don’t really see. #2 NA http://www.nhl.com/ice/draftprospectbrowse.htm #7 https://www.isshockey.com/blog/iss-final-nhl-draft-rankings-2021 #8 here https://hockeyprospect.com/2021-nhl-draft-rankings/ I don’t even know what’s likely for us at 9 this draft is going to be wild. teams are going to have drastically different draft boards. But safe to say mason has climbed rapidly since the u18. and for good reason he’s a Canadian
  11. Honestly we have to go bpa at both picks especially the 2nd round. They usually take longer to get to the show if they make it and who knows if RHD is going to be a glaring need in 2+ years.
  12. SNYPERS made a huge post on him earlier in this thread. hes his Ehlers pick ive seen some rankings that have him mid first round so if we got him second round that would be a steal and I’m giving SNYPERS this one on straight cred and what a funny name he’s got
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