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  1. Kids on a great trajectory!
  2. If Sutter starts on team there’s the chance he starts the year in Utica tho cause there are a lot of bottom 6 bodies
  3. So EP is our #1C brock is our #1 winger and we traded a first for miller to play in the top 6 not on the 3rd line. also where’s Stecher? And Roussel? Bear Chz also probably makes opening roster my guess is we are going to sign one of gardiner or Myers and Also Nyquist, now with those rumours. Top 6 maybe: Miller-EP40-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Nyquist
  4. Haha gosh that is bold. im still so hyped off this pick. i wanted for the majority of the year Lassi at 40. God he went higher than what I thought months ago but I think for good reason I think he’s going to be very good. But Hoglander was another guy I’ve wanted but thought after the combine there was no way he’d be there at 40. And when Holmstrom went in the first before him I thought ok that seals it he’s going any moment here.. cant believe we got him! i don’t know how long he’ll take. Whether it’ll be 1 year SHL then NHL, 1 year SHL -> 1 year AHL then to NHL or 2 years in SHL but I think I’m 2-3 years time he will be on our team and he’s gonna be good. Kids going to will himself into the NHL Really excited to see him and pods in world jrs next year.
  5. He’s such a great second round pick I’m so pumped on it! high high ceiling ! Can’t wait to watch his development
  6. Well - I would have preferred lipanov here but solid solid pick and insurance/motivation for behind demko. Hes Also a champion goalie ans has the mental fortitude to win a championship - great things. Like the pick!
  7. You should be. We got him with a value pick, he plays a great all round game, on a crap team, captain, eats minutes, has a great attitude and has a great chance of becoming an NHL player for us.
  8. "Rainism" prolly thought Naslund was a joke too.. Players fan on pucks all the time or make blunders. Even the best, Stamkos, Ovie Kovie etc all miss the puck at times.. Brisebois was an awesome pick
  9. Your most insightful and non negative post I have ever read! I plus 1'd it