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  1. The nfl has 32 teams. The nba only has 30, and both those leagues are way more popular than the nhl. There is no way 36 teams can be supported. Currently, as a percentage of revenue the Canadian teams are hugely subsidizing the league. Financially it would make the most sense to move some US franchises from the poorly performing south (yes, I’m looking at you Florida and Phoenix) to Canada. Ontario could easily support 2 more teams. And there is Quebec City. Screw Toronto and their so called veto. Look, the southern US experiment is just not working. Let’s stop flogging a dead horse.
  2. Awwww ... BoooHooo ... another poor bleeding heart canuck fan, who can't handle criticism. And I have probably been a fan longer than you.
  3. Obviously you are just a permanent blind member of the bandwagon. A poor bleeding heart who cannot read any criticism of canuck players or management.
  4. I hope he does. And I am not writing him off as I said he could be a serviceable 3rd liner, which is valuable in its own way. He does drive play with his speed and physicality. But he cannot even produce in the AHL. I just don't see his hockey sense/intelligence. He looks lost when he doesn't have the puck. At least last year, as I don't get to watch AHL games.
  5. Ok. Enough of this being patient stuff. Virtanen is obviously a bust relative to his draft position. I mean, come on, nylander and ehlers are obviously way better nhlers. He may turn out to be a serviceable 3rd liner, but is that what you want with high 1st rounder, especially when there were the aforementioned players still available. His hockey sense is atrocious.
  6. I like this pick. Has done well internationally and seems to be well regarded. Slipped down to us in the draft. May be our good fortune.
  7. With Gaunce, hunter, and fox all likely headed for Utica next season, do you Horvat will make this team next year? IMO he should definitely get his 8-9 game trial run. But I do question whether returning him to junior would be useful at his development stage. Correct me if I'm wrong but he is too young to be sent to Utica. With Mathias, bonino, vey all able to play wing there should be room for Bo. I've seen a lot of projected lineups lately that do not include him.
  8. Yes, I heard about this. I really hope it does not turn into signing him. Of coarse it depends on money and term, but I'd rather see the Canucks spend money on scoring rather than another high priced goalie.
  9. Paul Gaustad produced pretty well in junior. And stats do matter. A computer model (sham) based on stats can do a better job than many teams scouting departments.
  10. Oh good for you regurgitating easily available stats. They are small, which is why they were available in later rounds. Point is, if you don't produce even decent points in juniors, you have zero chance of making it to the NHL. I would rather see them take a chance on players with some resemblance of talent Skill trumps size, especially in later rounds.
  11. Mmmmm .... Let's see. Vancouver passed on Brayden Point (79th overall, Tampa Bay, 91 pts in 72 GP), Chase De Leo (99th overall, Winnipeg, 81 pts in 72 GP), Jaedon Descheneau (124th overall, St. Louis, 98 pts in 70 GP), Daniel Audette (147th overall, Montreal, 76 pts in 68 GP), and Vladimir Tkachev (Undrafted, 30 pts in 20 GP).
  12. I am not pretending, but I do know that those 2 have NO chance. There were players available that DO have a chance. And P.S. I obviously know more than you.
  13. These last 2 picks were an absolute joke. No chance of playing in the NHL. Really starting to doubt JB's scouting prowess and decision making.
  14. And what's that where your comment came from ... Oh it's a tiny little brain. What's your basis of your thought. Virtanen is first round pick, but he is not a #6 overall pick, plain and simple. Not one commentator worth is mettle had him rated that high (not talking about BS mock drafts). The simple truth is that we left far more talented players on the board, and for that reason the Canucks messed it up.
  15. Ahhh, boo hoo. Are your feelings being hurt by our negativity? Simple fact is that we left exceptional skill on the table when we drafted virtanen. And just so you know, stats DO matter. He is a high risk low reward player, whereas nylander/ehlers are high risk high reward.
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