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  1. wait another week, play the kids in the meantime, the seasons a write off take the high pick and move on
  2. It's genuinely shocking how poorly this is working out for the Brexit group. Shocking to nobody but them at least
  3. The moment you realize everything that the UCP and Alberta's conservatives Swire Trudeau would do you hurt Alberta....but they did themselves and worse while the Liberals actually helped Ooof....
  4. i was revising and editing my post. These passports ARE in fact a thing and have been for some time. If you have children in BC you have a health passport for them already, it is not new. It also will not be short term, we're looking at the next 5-10 years minimum. Businesses and nations, as well as government institutions requiring you to produce or prove proof of vaccination to utilize them. Yes there can still be transmission with the vaccine. My wife and I used contraceptives. Me condoms, her birth control still had a child. But still frigging u
  5. Still not proof or evidence. Viral infections and influenza attack and affect everyone differently. New variants are proving to have far more severe effects on younger individuals than the original Cov-SARS 19 virus. The P1 variant seems to affect people in a 40 and under category while the south African strain is showing evidence towards long term cardiovascular damage. Both new variants have higher infection rates than the original strain and are seeming to travel equally as well in warmer weather as the original strain did in colder weather which negates the belief of a reces
  6. You obviously have no idea what levels of nonsense red tape are existing in the standard creation of and implementation of medical trials. A specific form of medicine can be ready for clinical trials but literally be held up for years while they get simple signatures from government officials and health boards to distribute. When you have EVERY single lab in the world plus unlimited money and a green light things happen very VERY fast. Also, as for the bolded...see below. YOU mentioned the term "emergency use" I simply stated that even your every da
  7. respectfully, the only processes truly skipped are the red tape that normally holds something up for years. The term "emergency use" is also on every seasonal flu shot as well. He is right. Anecdotal evidence is not in fact evidence. More people will die from peanut related allergies this month in canada than will die or succumb to side effects from the world wide administration of the combined covid vaccine treatments. Edit*. Also, keep in mind I am anti needle. Not anti vaxx, like a severe crippling phobia of needles yet I will still get one when our time slot is
  8. On her way to being a decent politician, lined pockets and all
  9. Yes there is. Beauracracy or however it is spelled Feds by the vaccine. Distribute it to provinces. provinces distribute it to regional health boards. regiuonal health boards distribute to hospitals and pharmacies. none of which are equipped to handle the storage. all of which have different and varying rules. It's kind of a mess
  10. Just set a new record so far. Wait...there's more
  11. If you go all the way back to his draft and draft +1 i was saying he was essentially a bieksa without the fighting. Loved Bowey in jr in Kelowna
  12. I saw Bowey play for years in junior. Looooved him and wanted him so badly. Not sure what happened to him but always hoped he'd put it together. Now I'm really hoping he does because come on baby, BCs been good to you. Also....it's not even remotely a loss. It's picking up a potential asset and moving down a few spots. The only move I'm meh about today
  13. I loooove Mantha. I know people are sleeping on it and it's a high price but I think Mantha explodes on the caps
  14. *washington* Hey Vancouver we have Ovechkin available just need a 7th for him *vancouver* No....he is to celebratory we need more morose
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