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  1. This, if true is actually huge. Especially if they can testify/provide certifiable evidence. Thats 5-6 huge names that would almost immediately be removed from office or held ineligible to vote on essential matters, effectively giving the Dems a majority above and beyond the red moderates
  2. First time I've not visited Tofino for a year in over a decade. Kind of miss it
  3. Damn....living anywhere in Europe would be great, it was so easy to get around from nation to nation. Here it's an absolute unit of a time just to get from BC to Sask
  4. Then why can I not opt out of paying for EI? I won't argue this anymore. You and Stawns are in your camp and i'm sitting in mine here. That won't change, so for the sake of discussion I'm gonna move on
  5. Opinions are just that aren't they?
  6. Ei is retroactive in the sense that you pay in to it as an employee from the moment you start working. Banked insurable hours in the event you are laid off or fired. These are supposed to be guaranteed banked insurable hours. If these banked hours are no longer honoured it is effectively a retroactive claw back of what you've worked towards.
  7. I think you're underestimating the ability of the government to make a mess of things. Edit*. Sorry I quoted the wrong post if yours, apologies if there's confusion
  8. Because, as I stated. Once this door is open to allow for the government to retroactively claw back benefits workers have paid in to their entire professional lives. It's open. it will not be closed again. If you think it is acceptable for the current government in any manifestation to claw back workers benefits; imagine the CPC looking at that juicy CPP. Or unions and union dues. It will not start and end with a one time event and we both know that. This is no longer about vaccines, the vaccinated or the pandemic. it's an entirely different argument about workers rights and government overreach. If the Liberal party with NDP support do in fact engage in a program to strip EI rights away from workers fired or laid off or even that have quit due to vaxx status, it is a legal precedent. In canadian law this is an important thing to note. It may give corporations the potential right to withhold benefits, pensions etc if they can deem a person to be a justifiable danger to their company or employees. It gives future governments the power to say "they did it why can't we" once this legal precedent is set it can never EVER be taken back. Whether "state of emergency" is cited or not, corporations will be able to do this with any number of employee benefits. future governments the same. Be very very careful about approving what has been or is being suggested, even in passing. This one is dangerous and I can not agree with it.
  9. Tell me more about CPP. Nothing you or anyone else will say will convince me that this is fair, or even justifiable. there are numerous other avenues we can take without question before we are literally robbing people of one of the most essential safety nets for working individuals in a nation already having serious labour issues. I again, am 100% on board for mandates, passports, masks, social distancing, lockdowns and punishing the idiocy that refuse to simply accept that they're the ones perpetuating this. But the MOMENT those steps are taken, you effectively give the idiocy the exact fight and ammunition they need to galvanize those centrists who are neither for nor against mandates, passports and vaccines, dozens of people will turn in to thousands in a minute. And worse, the statement can be made that "the cpc won't win a majority again" yet they still came ahead with the technical popular vote int he last election. Numerous swing ridings could/would flip in a hurry if they could pin trudeau stealing EI benefits from people on the Liberals, and trust me. They absolutely would.
  10. If you're unable to get vaccinated you already don't qualify for an exemption under BCs current laws. What on earth makes you think there would be any difference under this suggested proposal? What makes you think corporations with millions in lawyers on retainer wouldn't immediately act the same way and allow the courts and those affected fight it out. No sir it's a seriously dangerous door to open and I do not agree with it
  11. There IS no disagreement here. You're wrong in my eyes. We can't agree to disagree as I feel at that point the level of government interference is incredibly dangerous Imagine this. You're unable to be vaccinated. You have worked for say 35 years same company. You're fired because you can't get vaccinated. The government holds no desire to pick and choose so you apply for ei. But you're excluded. You apply for early pension, but the government took it away. You apply for your employee pension, but the corporation has stripped you of it because the government has allowed for it. You're cash strapped and panicked but you can always look and smile at your kids. Until you go to pick them up and they've been expelled from school because you are not vaccinated. Their sports teams contact you and they've been removed from extra curricular activities because they're tax payer funded and you're unvaccinated. Again, this is a huge reach on my part and a massive jump to conclusions but once that door is open you can not close it. I agree with everything up until this point. The moment they retroactively strip people of financial benefits they've paid in to their whole working lives all bets are off. You and I will butt heads on this without question but this is my line in the sand.
  12. Between Benning and Coach some seriously questionable decisions have been made no question. The most glaring of which seem to be the consistent way we treat/develop young draft picks and players/prospects
  13. This isn't at issue or an issue with quitting or losing your job. This is the statement made about the government willingly withholding EI and employment benefits simply due to vaccination status. IF we open the door to allow the government to disallow individuals employment insurance simply because they are not vaccinated that open door is available for any level of awful laws and rules towards the workplace. If a person quits or loses their job that's on them. But if the government is allowed, as was stated; to withhold employment insurance benefits based on vaccination status then that is wrong. Period. That open door allows for outright discrimination and don't for a second think other parties in power would not be afraid to use that open door to curtail workers rights, striking unions or more.
  14. You two are not thinking long term or in terms of judicial precedent. You can think that a party like X won't get in to power, but look at the reform party. Fringe nobodys in the 80s. 2 seats in the 90s and then they took over the Conservative brand. The bottom line is once this door gets opened it cannot be closed. This is something that everyone should be watching VERY closely because the ramifications of it are so wide reaching and not relegated to federal boundaries. once it is set in motion or enacted at the federal level it gives provinces the same ability to impose and challenge should it end up before the courts.
  15. Our first daughter was born 26 weeks in to pregnancy, considered potentially "terminally premature" born at 1 pound 14 ounces. I drove from Penticton to New West and the NICU there faster than I've ever driven. I spent 3 months of my life with zero sleep, working in Penticton daily and on the phone or on the road back almost nightly. I almost put myself in the hospital from sheer exhaustion and the fact I didn't die on the highway is more than impressive. Reading this I understand completely his statements about doing anything to save your loved ones. It's no joke. This IS now a virus and pandemic of the unvaccinated as they are now officially the ones at risk. I hope for the best for this persons partner and unborn child but the writing may very well be on the wall as per the medical experts' statements and thats absolutely heart breaking. Ignorance may have cost this family their wife/mother and possibly an unborn daughter. There's zero excuses as to why this happened to them except personal choice and that's not something I'd ever want to be forced to live with
  16. I sincerely question whether Green would have even played him at all to begin with.
  17. I feel as though stripping the rights of employment insurance that many have paid in to is a seriously dangerous precedent as it leaves the door wide open for targeted clawbacks of further taxpayer funded programs such as pensions, workers compensations, education and more. I 100% agree that people refusing to do the barest of minimums, who are continuing to perpetuate this virus via their selfishness should be called out and taken to task. But I am not sure I agree wth this level of government interference because the precedent; once set is immutable and on the records. Who would be there to stop a party like the PPC, Conservatives etc from clawing back pensions, native funding, education transfers or further EI and workers compensatory funds under the guise of "balancing the budget in the name of national security" ? Don't think for a second that one this is on the table it won't happen if the other side has a majority.
  18. Of course they do. If we hadn't traded Stojanov we'd have had 3 cups of course In all honesty though, watching any of our ex players do well is kinda double edged. If we had him on team right now he'd at the very least with that short production be a viable and tasty trade chip but that ship sailed long ago
  19. 6.6 BILLION pokes say you're wrong. Hundreds of thousands fo medical professionals say you're wrong. Tens of thousands of individual and paired tests say you're wrong. Hundreds of peer reviewed papers say you're wrong. But do go on and show us your evidence towards smaller groups, under 50 etc etc etc. Kinda over you weeds popping up in the garden with the same BS information that you'll be unable to actually produce evidence of in full
  20. Psssh I'm loving me some blockchains. GBLC CSTR Canadian baby And now GDET has released a bitcoin/debit card so im gonna be a degenerate gambler with a smile
  21. It's actually for the best. An echo chamber of idiocy where everyone can be watched for their extremism.
  22. Anyone care to revisit my desire to procure Montreal's first round pick this year and or next??

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    2. buddhahoodlum


      Yea, let's trade them Gadj... oh wait :(

    3. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      What would be the cost to acquire the #1 overall pick?

    4. Ghostsof1915


      @Elias Petterson That's not determined which team will win the draft lottery.

      The bigger question is what do we have to offer in trade at this point? 

  23. Pay your bills carry no debt and you'll be fine if you don't go overboard
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