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  1. a draw my a55 Tyson won the fight of the gassed old guys. Poor Roy in the 4th break was literally heaving like a fat covid sufferer
  2. I wish Canada had a leader that put Canada first like Trump does America Noooooo.....not like that So proud of True-Dough and our minority government for making this statement.
  3. my NNDM hit today for $7.20, bought in at just over $2 a share. Have set to buy again at $3.80 This will be a fun yo yo but will eventually break that $10 mark How do you boys say...use it like an atm?
  4. I 100% agree that younger healthier people stand the greatest possible chance of surviving. They also stand the highest chance of holding on to potentially life long issues and side effects that we don't completely understand. I just feel that the whole "herd immunity" statement is being suggested by people who will not put themselves at risk to put their money where their mouths are
  5. Actually...if you go back to page 1...I suggested this exact thing numerous times. trump would single handedly destroy any semblance of respectability or fairness in the republican party and show the world for the power hungry gerrymandering panderers they were. Hard ot say I was wrong after the last month
  6. Flip side of your statement. What a great way to frame things for seniors. Sorry seniors. Some people refuse to wear masks, social distance, quarantine or take precautions. As such because of their selfishness you'll have to stay in isolation with no human contact. We'll treat your suicidal feelings eventually, but don't worry. people that inherently selfish won't care though, so long as they can have their precious freedoms. Make sure to watch lots of FOX, question everything medical experts tell you and instead believe guys named Chuck with degrees from Facebook Comments Section University and DON'T believe in any of the medically suggested ways to protect yourself because it's a leftist plot to make you a sheeple.
  7. Strongly suggest you go to any ICU where people are infected with Covid, lying on their stomach and being intubated and ask to be infected with it. That way you can waive your right to medical care and build your immunity. problem solved
  8. You're afraid of a mask, a vaccine and basic rules to protect people though Hmmmm
  9. Amazingly the same Albertans that cheered Wilson Raybould for recording those private conversations between her and the Trudeau cabinet are now pissed off that someone would dare do this... They're the same people that cheered after the UCP took away the right to strike, right to assemble, and right to deny infrastructure projects on your own land; but are now claiming mask mandates are in fact a loss of freedoms...
  10. It's actually sad as hell mate. Like, I get the not wanting to wear a mask. I hate it. But every single day, new videos of people full on assaulting or spitting on employees of businesses for literally just saying sorry, you must wear a mask. Whether a person is pro or anti mask...if you're going to abuse the people literally at the end of their ropes, underemployed and underpaid for putting up with everything through Covid we're gonna have a problem whether I'm capable of it or not. People suck
  11. So. Over the last 2 weeks we've seen the following GOP supporters threatening elected officials. GOP supporters threatening election officials GOP supporters threatening democratic supporters GOP supporters threatening the actual GOP GOP supporters threatening to "cleanse the streets" GOP brass claiming electoral fraud GOP brass claiming that the US military invaded a private office in Germany GOP brass pushing endless recounts and losing them all GOP brass outright claiming they're trying to get the election overturned through litigation The one single thing we have not seen any actual evidence of... Any fraud Any violence from the dems Any divisive comments from the dems It's remarkable...honestly. Almost like one side is railing against a loss of outright power, and the other is just trying to get the job done.
  12. I'm just gonna outright say it. If I see someone abusing an employee over mask usage....i'll give them a medical reason they can't wear one. tired of it
  13. terrible really. Maybe we should cut them an assistance cheque
  14. lol...Flynn wrote a sworn affidavit as well. Tell me, how'd that work out for him and his credibility? Ohhhh that's right. he's a liar
  15. OK. Name them. Why are they not at any of the numerous multi state lawsuits in defense of trump again?
  16. what mysterious spike again? Oh you mean the HEAVILY dominated Democratic urban centers, especially the one in which a man shot up a synagogue that Trump defended and then insulted the Penn leader who said now is not the time for political talking points. Ya...so mysterious as to how and why those votes were so heavily slanted
  17. The answer is no. It cannot be proven Why? Because the hand counted recounts watched by all 3 parties and an independent say no
  18. Over 3k lawsuits against him most being won due to technicalities...no doubt Bonespurs knows about that
  19. it doesn't matter. Much like the idiots in Alberta are now claiming Dr. Tam is a transvestite, who is a chinese agent bent on destroying our economy and helping Trudeau sell the nation out to Xi.... The idiocy will believe whatever it takes to avoid admitting they're wrong. And yes, these are ACTUAL statements made by people I know in Alberta. It's actually shockingly sad
  20. Why is it, the anti mask crowd refuses to sign a paper waiving them of any and all covid related medical help until such time as covid has died down or is entirely manageable by human means? It's almost like...they're afraid
  21. Just gonna say it You're most certainly the type that believes the government couldn't organize a circular love in between men at a happy men convention. But also believes they're smart enough to organize a massive global conspiracy. right?
  22. like you're in a discord with some of the cdc lads and a few others? No joke, no kidding?
  23. That's nothing. trump convinced some idiot on CDC that posting in defense of him made him look intelligent. Now THAT is a line of stupidity even sleepy Joe can't grasp
  24. It appears as though Alex lost the battle with cancer he had been fighting for some time. Unsure how this will affect Jeopardy moving forward but that's another great canadian Icon gone https://tvline.com/2020/11/08/alex-trebek-dies-jeopardy-host-dead-pancreatic-cancer/ Longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek died Sunday after a battle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, TMZ has confirmed. He was 80. Trebek first revealed his cancer diagnosis in March 2019 via a video announcement. Though he acknowledged that the prognosis for his illness was “not very encouraging,” Trebek said at the time that he planned “to fight this, and I’m going to keep working.” Throughout his struggle with the disease, he continued to host Jeopardy! (which then went on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic), and he offered frequent health updates to fans while undergoing treatment. In a July 2020 interview with Good Morning America, Trebek said he wouldn’t “go to any extraordinary measures to ensure my survival” if his experimental immunotherapy treatment proved unsuccessful: “If the quality of life is not there, it’s hard sometimes to push and just say, ‘Well, I’m going to keep going, even though I’m miserable.'”