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  1. The road they crashed on is a somewhat sharp bend, so the car lost control going around the bend. I drive through the area quite a bit. It could honestly have been anything, we won't really know until an investigation is concluded and can make a guesstimate.
  2. no, he's had plenty of chances to change and fix his attitude issues. His issues go beyond him just being a Trump supporter.
  3. The NHL should've done more about this when it happened with Kane in 2015 to avoid it since it was clearly planned. It's annoying to see even as a Lightning fan but it's technically within the rules
  4. there's a difference between selling someone to make cap space and "dumping" someone. Miller was a very effective player in his mid 20s in Tampa and wasn't simply a cap dump
  5. Don't even care about the games anymore, not until next season. Right now just hoping that no one on the team/connected to the team is seriously affected by this now and in the future.
  6. i'm sure they'd be much better in terms of trade and message if they were in power, right? Haha
  7. I don't understand how this team can play worse than the 2016 and 2017 teams, but we are getting consistently embarrassed
  8. yall are talking about how Marky covered our issues but i don't remember the defence being THIS bad. It wasn't great but it wasn't offensive to the eyes bad
  9. this team is collectively playing like a Virtanen, so much potential but absolutely refusing to go anywhere near it
  10. i'd like to at least see a bit of organization. We play like there's absolutely no gameplan, it's embarrassing
  11. we need a steady stay at home dman, i don't really see that in Dunn
  12. their "do your own research" mindset is basically "only believe the things that I agree with and nitpick my viewpoints to articles that make me feel better". Some of these people are living in fantasy land and need help
  13. seeing Toffoli on the Habs is pain...

    1. Type R

      Type R

      Hoglander has more goals already.  Toffoli had a lot of help here


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