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  1. To be fair, Wheeler probably wasn't a peach to deal with as a younger guy. Negated Arizona who took him 5th overall, didn't do that well with the Bruins and you could call Atlanta and Winnipeg the same team, really. His first NHL contract with the Bruins was also a 2 year 5.65MM contract. I was using stats for the most part as a comparison as well as position and playing style.
  2. Blake Wheeler is another good comparison. Didn't really rip up the NCAA as 19-22 year old, broke 60 points when he was 26 and on his 3rd team. Unfortunate that people are looking for instant gratification and not being patient with the best prospect pool we have had in recent memory. Jake especially.
  3. 40 goals 98 points last season. I like the pick.
  4. Which they are. Have you ever seen him play?
  5. For everyone stating he weighs 150lbs, he weighed in at 165lbs at the NHL combine.
  6. I hope Boucher is our Marchessault. I bet after being exposed 4 times in a year will light a fire under his behind.. I am hoping him and Virt show their true potential next season.
  7. Rick Dhaliwal seems to know things 

  8. If this can have the same effect on Rodin as it has Tryamkin, then we should have a dynamic scorer for the 2nd half of the season. Hopefully he looks at it as he needs to be better and takes the time to focus instead of being sour about it.
  9. Troy Stecher was the only guy who knew the score in the last minute of the game

    1. Alflives


      I knew.  Did you not know?<_<

  10. All that extra weight seems to be serving McCann well

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    2. canucklehead80
    3. Crackers


      All he needs is another 25 pounds for next season. 

    4. Strombone


      Bro, he just hit a milestone with his 10th career goal. Congratulations Jared McCann!

  11. I wonder if they are trying to flaunt the AHL process of Stecher going down and already coming back up to play in the NHL? Maybe he will get the idea that heading down for a couple weeks will be beneficial to his game. If not it is going to be a tough season for the big man, probably only getting ice time when there are 2-3 injuries to the core of our D corps.
  12. Hudler to the Stars being reported on twitter @canucksnow 

    1. jstewboy


      1 year @ 2M AAV.. Real good contract

    2. Oliewud


      BOoooo.. Trade for nischuskin!!!

    3. MJDDawg


      Lol. Another low level blogger quoting yesterday's low level blogger's tweet. So now it has to be true. Right?

  13. Rodin seems to have a pretty elusive release.. He actually reminds me a bit of Boeser now that I've seen a bunch of his highlights
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