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  1. Apparently Juolevi is injured again even though he still hadn’t played a game for Florida. Juolevi placed on IR
  2. Because Benning and Green haven’t degraded this team. Gillis did.
  3. All names of defensemen stated, played in Vancouver during Juolevi’s development.
  4. Canucks Flying Skate Jersey Could be Making a Comeback YES PLEASE. The team has always looked a lot meaner in the black red yellow and white colours. Hughes looks bigger. Horvat looks bigger. It’s a don’t F with us colour combo. Tree-hugging colours don’t win Cups. I’m all for it.
  5. Exactly. So far, both Garland and OEL have looked amazing out there. They’ve each brought some much needed elements to the Canucks. The team is playing much better than last year already. You can feel they get in the zone. Having to face OEL and then Hughes and both on the PP at the same time, now that’s just ridiculous depth. The Canucks have two 1Ds out there covering almost the entire game in minutes played. Finally and yet again, when this team is clicking, they are borderline spectacular. Probably not a Cup winner for a little more while. But within the next three to five years, I believe that a Cup is an achievable goal.
  6. You’re right. Better start cheering for another team before the chem trails spew 5G induced bleached horse dewarmer.
  7. He wasn’t going to get that chance because he failed to show up when opportunity was given to him. It’s not that hard to comprehend. OEL, Hughes, Myers, Poolman, Rathbone, Schenn, Burroughs, Hunt, Tanev, Benn, Edler, Hamonic, Rafferty, Schmidt, Stetcher and Fantenberg, we’re all better than Juolevi.
  8. Double win for a chump. I wonder if Juolevi was the gamer we’re all talked about a while ago…
  9. You’re a mod Deb. Many on here come here to denigrate our team. Free speech is indeed a thing. But when that free speech has an eternal negative tone on monotone, perhaps those “fans” can be weeded out. This is not a public site. This is a private site. And with a lot of influence out there. An influence perhaps even as equal to our most loved radio hosts, incidentally also denigrating our team. So many posters only post negative comments. That is then a question of character; not the site’s responsibility to retain them. Critique is fine. But there are around 15-20 loud posters who come here just to b**ch our team out for the sakes of b**ching our team out and have nothing else to contribute. Getting rid of 15-20 bad apples would only make this site spectacular. But with them in here, it makes the experience mediocre at best. And I love this site.
  10. I wish you were the GM. I know you would’ve picked Makar. I just know it.
  11. Exactly. We’re going for the Cup; no longer rebuilding. Achieving that will take another three to five years.
  12. …and out of that same level of achievement, Benning turned Juolevi into a very serviceable 4C. Good job Benning. Lammikko is very present on the ice.
  13. Does that mean you will refuse to give birth I don’t understand…
  14. So I open this thread and that’s the first post I see. VAN 4-1 CHI WHAT… the actual “insert the only word that fits here”. I swear the Canucks would win a Cup in another city and the unfortunates would still find reason for their innate dissatisfaction. Great game tonight. Good pace. Nice to see Toews back healthy. He’s good for the game. The Canucks were tight. Tight enough and more than Chicago, to pull up a win. Demko’s got it. Miller, Garland, OEL, Rathbone look real good. I mean, real good, Dickinson. Nice to see an effective number eighteen skating around. Chiason showing why the Canucks elected to give him a contract. The kids are definitely coming along. You can see they’ll be dangerous by mid-season.
  15. This is not a serious post. Please do not post again.
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