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  1. Benning and Green bashing, but not each other on these boards don’t make you sound civilized. It is quite hypocritical in fact. Screw this post. I’m out.
  2. Nah. You and others just make the experience of coming to this site, a total downer. Most Canucks fans love life, their team and this site. But we have to go through pages and pages of negative reinforcement on repeat. As the old adage goes: Say what you need to say, say it with all your heart, and the sit down. The last two words are the most important.
  3. I don’t come onto this site as often as before. Yet, without missing a beat, reading the first post I end up on, it is always a depressing, negative, attack on Jim Benning. May you and your kind, understand one day, the uselessness of your existence, and hopefully do something about it. But in the same fashion as this post, I don’t think you’re gonna make that change in your ethics, nor your way of life.
  4. Sorry who is Tryamkin ? Sounds like a big lump o’ chump.
  5. It’s not about value, nor Tryamkin. It’s about Buffalo; where careers go to die.
  6. Ok I’m done with that one. He’s not coming back to the Canucks. The Canucks should trade his rights to Buffalo where it’s more like Russian wasteland.
  7. Point of it all is, I don’t see Horvat, Pettersson, Boeser, Höglander or Hughes getting into such a mess. And that’s the point. I was a huge proponent of keeping Virtanen and that, since he was drafted. But this kid is full of controversy.
  8. Oh good to know it wasn’t Covid when he was dumbing it up. Real good to know. Dude’s a chump. Get rid of this kid pronto. Enough is enough.
  9. I haven’t read the entire thread nor the article on the Idiot... Was it in a hotel room? If it was, did anyone talk about how it’s Covid and he should be a millionaire professional about his conduct? This kid’s a chump. He should be let go from the Canucks. Whether it’s sexual misconduct or not, what is he doing meeting with a woman during these times, further endangering his fellow teammates. Ive had enough with this kid regardless of whether he’s guilty or not. This guy is dead to me.
  10. Not sure such people will ever get it. It’s like the Trumpists and the anti-maskers; too dumb to understand the ramifications of their own words.
  11. So done with Virtanen. This is the Sequoyah Log that broke the bear’s back. He’s gone.
  12. Um... all indications lead to not trading the Sedins WHILE they were playing.
  13. Haha! If the Gaudette trade is the worst trade Benning does, then we’re in great shape. No Pettersson + late round push last year + cap crunch, it is normal that the Canucks find themselves where they currently are; about to draft in the top 5 which we all know will turn out to be a top 3 player anyways. Toffoli, Markstrom and Tanev were redundant anyways. With Tollofi, Höglander doesn’t have a chance. With Markstrom at his currrnt price, Femko doesn’t have a chance. with Tanev out came Schmidt. The Pettersson injury is an extra goal or two per gam
  14. I wouldn’t have traded either Sedin...
  15. Still. Two Hughes is better than one.
  16. If things continue like they are now, no one will have to fall to us. Instead, the Canucks are climbing the chart.
  17. Luke Hughes all the way. No question.
  18. Oh wow you’re still alive... Cool.
  19. OMG! 1 point! Gotta get that Fire Benning banner up in the air for that 1 point!
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