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  1. Agreed. Need to make some big changes. Lawrie needs to go, The starting pitching needs to be changed, the relievers are fine, so many changes the Jays need.
  2. Awesome. I knew it would take them a game or two to gel without Geroy and Bruce but they seem to be much better synched now. Thanks for the review.
  3. Okay thanks a lot. Yeah, that would be great if they did that. Miss him already.
  4. One question. Was there any sign of a "Geroy's Corner" anymore? Maybe a different player? Or is it totally gone.
  5. Who was the player of the game in your opinions? Didn't watch. Did Lulay play well? How was the defensive line? Offensive line?
  6. How's the game going guys? Not watching it. Has Khalif done anything stupid?
  7. Camilo is too damn good. I could see him going to the Premier League or La Liga. He's that good.
  8. The BC Lions expect to regain key linebacker Solomon Elimimian and veteran kicker Paul McCallum for Thursday night’s home opener against the defending Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts. The Lions (0-1) started poorly against the Stampeders in their opening round clash in Calgary on Friday, and although they managed to outscore the hosts in the second half, they still lost 44-32. It was a frustrating game for Elimimian (ankle) to watch, and he admitted after Monday’s practice that one point he “was about to throw a couple of chairs.”
  9. If it's with Montreal, I want Gallagher and Pacioretty for Edler

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    2. Froggy Fresh

      Froggy Fresh

      ^ could have 3 with Eller. We already have Hansen and Jensen.

    3. Durl Dixsun
    4. NightHawkSniper


      As good as Gallagher is, I still want us to have size.

  10. Canucks' 5th round choice Anton Cederholm A big, fearless stay-at-home defenseman. Limited in terms of offensive upside and puck skills, but usually plays a simple and smart game. Not the fastest of skater, but decent mobility. Has the tools to become a reliable depth defenseman logging big minutes on the penalty kill. (EP, 2013)
  11. What's everyone's hope for the Canucks' third round pick?

    1. Wheels22


      Wayne Gretzky

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