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  1. I have very much soured on the coaching staff. I was sour on them last season but it's even deeper as we start this season. Management is starting to lose me as well with their handling of Lind, Gadjovich and Big Mac. Freed up all those roster spots and filled them with old vets. At least Pod made it. They aren't completely out of their minds. Dowling has played 79 games in his career and is 31 years old. Are you seriously telling me Gadjovich couldn't fill that guy's role til Motter got back? Really? Does anyone truly believe Lammikko looks any better than Big Mac did? At least Big Mac was willing to beat your ass if you stepped outta line. Guy dropped the mitts with Kassian, Lammikko the kind of guy to pick Kassian's mitts up for him.
  2. I mean, how many roster overhauls does the team need to go through to start playing better? Lol. Other than Hughes and Myers our blueline is completely revamped. Our bottom 6 is almost completely new players too. Once Motter comes back he'll be as far as I know the only returning player from last season. Who knows what Sutter's health is like with Covid. It can have permanent damage, although I really, really hope not. So even with Sutter that's 2 of 6 players that are returning in the bottom 6. Or are we gonna use the excuse that because it's a relatively new roster that it's the reason the team defense looks exactly like it did last season? Weird how Green almost never gets any blame. It's either the players, the schedule, potentially the new roster. But never does Green get any accountability. I am not gonna say the season is lost, but if this team doesn't start playing better how long are we gonna keep defending this coaching staff? Here's hoping this team can start playing better team defense. I am done giving this management and coaching staff passes. The team shouldn't stay looking this bad this long.
  3. Would do him some good doing colour for a lesser league. Or another team. I am guessing he's still decently new to the whole thing. So to expect him to come in and cover for Garrett who has been doing this for as long as he has is a tall ask. Seems like a good guy. Just needs some work. I know people get mad when Garrett goes off topic with some life and food talk. But it's kind of just part of his charm. Hirsch has been pretty miss for me, but maybe with practice and more reps he can get to a place where he's good. Gotta imagine at some point Garrett will retire, hate to even think about it but it is what it is. Gonna need a new guy one day.
  4. Adam Gaudette, the second coming of Kesler. How the mighty have fallen. Maybe they are trying to make room for him in the top 6 by shopping Strome.
  5. You know they're allowed to practice and work on stuff in practice? Right?
  6. Funnily enough it's not Juolevi leaving that has me second guessing management and to an extent our ability to develop players. It's the handling of Lind and Gadjovich and non 1st rounders in general. Management has done a fantastic job in the 1st round (they don't all hit and we shouldn't expect them too), but pretty much all of them were developed in other leagues. Pettersson in the SHL, Boeser and Hughes in the NCAA, and Podkolzin in the KHL. But so far we have like two 2nd rounders worth a damn, and I can't recall anyone we drafted in the 3rd round and beyond playing meaningful games for us so far. Rathbone is well on his way though, but that's another NCAA developed player. So I am wondering just how good are we are finding and developing talent outside the 1st round? Demko the only notable that we drafted and developed ourselves. Lind and Gadjovich we either drafted and didn't develop well. Or we drafted, developed and just let quality young talent go for nothing. Either way it's a knock on management or the development team or both since management put them in place. Are they drafting poorly beyond the 1st round or developing poorly? Neither makes them look good in the slightest. I don't wanna sound anti-Benning but I mean come on. If we're gonna call him a drafting genius we should probably hold him to said standards.
  7. Looked like a rough night for the Poolboy. Lol. At least Pod got his first. Excited for his future. Also love hearing the commentator absolutely roast the Canucks defense on the final goal against. I been saying for years this passive style is a good way to turn our defenders into bystanders. May as well get em some seats on the ice with a couple beers. I was hoping Shaw would change that. Now I am starting to wonder if it's just deeply ingrained into the system.
  8. 51 of 56 games last season. 60 games in a rookie season is actually pretty decent. But the two seasons sandwiched between are a little worrying. Guy is a 22 minute a game guy, minimum. He had 24 minutes a game last season. Heavily leaned on for them. But yeah, it's a tough sell for me at 9.5mil. Unless he has a Roman Josi breakout type season this is gonna be a real ugly contract.
  9. It's a tough sell telling me he's worth 8mil now, but if he can continue to develop he can work his way to being worth that price tag. I just don't see him ever making this deal looking like a steal though. Sens got a long term deal though, I guess they don't mind overpaying for him.
  10. Coached and developed? Hughes and Pettersson were top 10 picks. Both came into the NHL and made noise immediately. Lol. He hardly "developed" them seeing as their post draft years were in the NCAA and SHL respectively. And even Boeser made immediate noise in the NHL. Giving Green any sort of developing credit for their success is a massive stretch. I won't call it stupid, despite thinking it kind of is. I won't say he dislikes young players, but it certainly seems like a case of preferring safe vets. Two young players, young-ish in the case of Big Mac, got claimed on waivers. How many teams had any legitimate interest in Chiasson? Come on. It looks bad. We'll see if they do anything on another team. But for now, I don't like it at all. I'd rather potentially fail with our drafted and developed kids than wallow in mediocrity with some old washed vet. But maybe that's just me getting attached to what could be.
  11. Maybe, but hopefully not. They are paying extra for potential. Bo's pretty much hit his ceiling. So I think we can squeeze that cap closer to Kesler's 6.8mil contract that he signed with Anaheim.
  12. How many more castaways do we have that we can throw in a trade? Lol. Kravtsov and Podkolzin sounds like a solid duo.
  13. At 45% faceoff numbers, he's almost worse than Petey. And we all know Petey doesn't really take faceoffs for his line. Having Lammikko replace Sutter is a pretty big downgrade in terms of faceoff percentage, defensive prowess (maybe, Lammikko does have high defensive zone starts in his two half seasons) and experience. I am actually really surprised we don't see more MacEwen at center. Given he played it in junior. Maybe they both swap in and out of faceoff duty depending on the side of the ice it takes place. I am worried about our center depth, even if Lammikko can play it. Guy has played 84 career games and is gonna be 26 soon. Not a very good sign. Especially if, knock on wood, Sutter can't play again due to long term complications of Covid. Maybe I am just being pessimistic. But here's hoping this is Lammikko's breakout season so to speak.
  14. Juulsen cleared waivers already. So it's pretty much one contract. And I wouldn't be surprised if Lammikko could also pass through waivers if necessary. Taking two contracts does kinda stink, but is not a huge concern. At least not bigger than Juolevi's health. It does suck that Lammikko isn't a center though, with Sutter down for who knows how long Lammikko's presence isn't all that useful to us as a winger. We got plenty of wingers that can hold down the wing. Guy barely has a full season worth of games under his belt at soon-to-be 26 years of age as well.
  15. If Sutter didn't have bad luck he'd have no luck. Poor guy. Ever since coming to Vancouver his health has been on the downswing. Here's to a speedy recovery Sutter, not for hockey reasons. But for general health reasons. Covid is no joke despite what many believe.
  16. He turns just fine, but his health is incredibly detrimental. It's all but stunted his development. I still think he's an NHL caliber player, but he's not a distinct upgrade on Rathbone. So Rathbone takes the lead on the health front. Being able to practice and play is a pretty big lead cause it also means Rathbone can develop further.
  17. "We signed Gudbranson with the condition that he'll break Hamonic's face again. With Hamonic's fate up in the air we have decided to terminate Gudbranson's contract"
  18. Traded for a 4th liner and a recently waived hometown kid. Not bad I guess. The positive is we can call up and send down Juulsen without waivers right? Although, I'd rather have Gadjovich as that 4th liner/depth guy but that's tears for another thread. I honestly think Juolevi was a top 6 guy. I can be totally out to lunch. But I just feel it when I watch him play. But with OEL Hughes and Rathbone he just got squeezed out. Juulsen is right handed. Something we need with Hamonic's future up in the air. And like I said he can come and go from Abbotsford thanks to clearing waivers already. Lammikko is a solid enough depth player.
  19. For a second I thought you were saying he was 36 years old. I didn't think that was right. Lol. This is the nature of long term end of career contracts though. Sadly the final 2-3 years will be buyout worthy contracts. But GMs don't care as long as the deal is fine for the next 3-4 years. Let it be a problem for the next guy.
  20. Definitely seems you're right, my old man said Gadjovich had some not so good things to say. He tends to say off the wall things, yet I continue to believe him. That's on me. Lol.
  21. I am not a fan of how Juolevi has been handled, and apparently Gadjovich had some not so good things to say about how he was handled.
  22. Lets be real, Petey shouldn't be making more than Barkov on his next contract unless he greatly improves. Barkov is a point per game player and elite defensively. Barkov is used in all situations. Petey is just deployed offensively. But because we're Canadian and he's a tad overhyped he'll get comparable money. For it to be worth it Petey would either need to drastically improve defensively or average 90-100+ points a season. These next 3 seasons will be interesting for Petey.
  23. Barkov is elite. A top 3-5 center in the league in my books. This is a really good deal for Florida. Tax likely helps.
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