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  1. unless the new CBA changed it, escrow can't be applied to a bonus and only to a salary. So players like Marner who are paid mostly in bonuses, next year, will actually be making around 20% more than another player at the same cap hit with no bonuses in their contract.
  2. Bonus payments will be a lot more important than the Florida tax brackets. Escrow will be pretty high I believe it's set to be 20% this coming year... I would be wanting big bonus payments if I am an NHL player to avoid escrow as much as possible.
  3. The Seguin trade had a lot more to do with his immaturity. He didn't see to care and still doesn't about hockey. He is more of a talented player who would rather party than play hockey. If he worked hard and put in effort he could be a hell of a lot better.
  4. Colorado makes no sense they already have Girard. They don't need to pay Krug big $$$ their blue-line would start looking hella small.
  5. My point was he is a top 4 dman signed longer term even if he is a poor top 4 dman Seattle might take a chance on him as he is young and could turn it around and they could afford to do that as an expansion team.
  6. I did not like Mathesons play at all and this has nothing do with bias. I was thinking he was a possible Seattle pick-up. Florida dodged a bullet here.
  7. If Virtanen could get us Carlo that trade would have been done immediately.
  8. If he isn't signing with St.Louis it's because he wants a NMC. He has made it very clear he wants stability. St.Louis has given out way too many NMC/NTC and they are probably thinking they should stop handing them out.
  9. Trying to bring a winning culture to Florida, good luck.
  10. The NHL Centreice is a joke and streaming is getting far easier to find and the quality is a+ unlike it used to be when streams would be low quality and frequently crash. When you try to nickel and dime your fans they will look elsewhere.
  11. If a doctor is prescribing a medication for a year of use when it's only approved for 5 days of use then that doctor should lose their license. That would fix the issue immediately.