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  1. Hoping for Edlers 100th tonight, but at the same time.. it'd be nice to see Juolevi so lets evenly disperse the mins on the back end tonight.
  2. I get that there are a lot of intelligent people on these forums. Big IQ, big credentials. I pose that we do away with the silly jabs of the 3 hr instance where cars idle and people are disrupted. There is a greater purpose here. Ocean acidification is directly affecting us now. Freshwaters in peril. It's no joke. Listen to experts re: The wall of co2 that shows up in data dating back 11,000 years. Human tech was/is trying on Earth.
  3. Let's see Gadjovich?

    1. Phil_314


      Not sure how much he moves the needle, but could do worse I guess

  4. I'm proposing to my GF tonight, I'm certain she'll say yes and almost as certain we can hand the Leafs another L.
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