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  1. The 2 former players you mentioned have gravitas. Pettersson is on and off that level. He's phasing in and out. I said tongue in cheek that his first paycheck on his new deal pissed him off. 4m in real salary this season and BC taxes.
  2. Big Mac playing for PHI tonight..

  3. The wife and I both agreed that there was nothing in The Closer that should've garnered this kind of 'backlash' ??? It was good, and what's more, provoked thought. Wasn't too down with him mentioning himself as GOAT though.
  4. Ill be a pal and share this link in good faith. https://www.cbssports.com/nhl/injuries/
  5. Hirsch... can we not? Reminds me of Greg Zaun. While we're at it, purge Radiohead Tiny Drancer
  6. @AriGold so if a player is injured, is said player back in the pool or retained by the drafter?
  7. Spotify app is my favorite (for podcasts) But they're live on radio now thru Debs link.
  8. Ok, I completely get it now. We really need RH shots.
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