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  1. Just saw this. Super disappointing. Gads is exactly the type of player we need.
  2. I know it’s preseason and the Canucks iced an AHL lineup, but the Miller, Garland and Podkozin line was awful. They couldn’t complete a pass or create any offensive. Travis split them up half way through the game. That was the biggest disappointment for me tonight.
  3. Nic Petan looks way more noticeable than Dickinson. Could we say 3rd line centre controversy? Lol! Just saying. I have a feeling Dickinson will be the new board whipping boy.
  4. To honest nobody is trading for JB’s mistakes in today’s cap world. Tanner and Tyler are Canucks this year for sure. If it comes to needing a few extra million to make the signings of Petterson and Hughes happen than I could see Motte traded. He’s awesome but can’t stay healthy. Probably only a 4th coming back.
  5. Who do you think could be moved out to free up cap space? I can’t think of anyone? Maybe Motte is tradable?
  6. I chose Conor Garland. I think after about 10 games he will be my favourite Canuck. I love the way he plays and his story of making the NHL. I noticed him every time we played the Yotes. He’s a play driver in the mold of Brayden Point. He is also still ascending to his ceiling.
  7. Ferland is exactly the type of player that is missing from Vancouver. I think his career is over, but never say never. He would be a welcome addition to this team next season.
  8. I can’t wait to see OEL play next year. I’m expecting a big bounce back. 30 is not old for a defence man. Lidstrom won his first of 7 Norris trophies at the age of 31. I’m not suggesting OEL is Nick Lidstrom. I just don’t think he’s done yet. So long Nate Schmidt. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent!
  9. Schenn fits into this group perfectly! Hughes will be happy to see this transaction.
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