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  1. I like Highmores skating and compete level, but even your 4th line has to contribute some offensive in the 8-10 goals and 15-20 assist range. Good teams like Tampa get production from every line. Highmore has shown no offensive potential in the NHL thus far. I’m ok with JB giving up on Gaudette, because this had to be a big year for him and he disappointed badly. I think JB put a lot of trust on Gaudette and Jake to continue to improve and fill the loss of Toffoli offensively. I would say that those 2 players offered nothing in the first half of the season. Talk about not seizi
  2. Normally you always choose best player available. This draft is different. Arguments can be made for multiple players to go 1st overall. Picking by need maybe more common in this 1st round. This team has many needs. RHD or a talented playmaker (wing or centre) being the biggest. That’s why my 2 favourites are Brandt Clarke and Kent Johnson. I think Johnson has the biggest offensive potential in this draft. He is an elite passer. Eklund is also very good in this regard. I’m also a huge fan of Corson Ceulemans after watching the u18s. He could crack the top 10. He looked like a top p
  3. This team is actually lucky that CoVid hit them because they have a built in excuse for how bad they are. Yikes. This has been a rough 7 years with JB. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ottawa looks like they are ahead of us at year 2 of their rebuild. Clear house!
  4. Looking at this team and who is at the helm there’s a great chance we’re a bad team next season and the one after that. Maybe we finally get our 1st over all pick. #firebenning
  5. Top 10 for sure. I like the top 13 this year. Kent Johnson is my first choice. We need some dynamic offensive talent.
  6. It’s tough to make Murray look good. The Canucks are the most shut out team by a long shot the last few years. This feels like one of those nights.
  7. North Vancouver’s Kent Johnson is my number 1 wish! And it’s a great chance he will be available when we pick.
  8. I’m not sure how you can play 32 games and not get a single assist? JAKE IS AN ENGIMA! Wrong time to sell. Last Summer was the wrong time to buy. This team has worse problems then Jake though.
  9. Without Demko we are a bottom 5 team. Toffoli 3rd in goals in the NHL. Tanev being hailed as the Flames most important player this season. Our pro scouts continue to let us down. We are keeping the wrong veterans and allowing the good ones to leave. I’ve defended JB but I’m running out of excuses. I’ve lost faith in our leadership. We have a great core thanks to JB, but now we need someone new to fill in the rest of the roster to turn us into a contender.
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