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  1. If people don't want things spoiled for them don't come into a thread about the topic. Obviously if someones goes out of their way to spoil somethings it's different but if your so sensitive that off hand remarks get you going maybe you should police yourself.
  2. Maybe the key is to actually prop them up rather than blow them up. Gillis did a lot to the bottom 6 but can we really say he did a lot to support the top 6? Perhaps that's the change that's needed. It may not be the change you want but it's a change we haven't seen much of. I can only really think of Roy being brought in. I guess that was probably the initial idea behind getting Booth as well.
  3. While this is fundamentally true it's also about the ammunition they give the media to work with. Obviously not much will change in terms of their style (the medias that is) but I think Gillis gave them a lot to work with. Granted it's only one press conference but it seems to me that the objective is to start steering in the other direction. Going with the grain rather than against it all the time. You have to be able to see the forest for the trees here.
  4. I've always wondered if the team has the ability to ban certain members of the media from being close to the team in any way.
  5. It was one comment; not everybody.
  6. DId he say close to a cup or close to contending. I didn't hear the interview but this is different than what I was told that he had said.
  7. Erm...who quoted who first and then called it a shot from the sidelines? Just stop TML. You're not as good at this as you think you are. Last words all yours. Make sure to comment about how you're ignoring me again.
  8. I'm not sure if a lot of people are forgetting this fact or just ignoring it. I guess option C would be that they don't understand what it means.
  9. That's nice. Can you please start to demonstrate that you're ignoring me completely? I believe I made it clear that it was my chicken.
  10. It's as if some people think they're just going to hire a guy off the street that has no clue. Even if they don't have a guy in place at the draft there's still a team of people working on the draft for the canucks.
  11. No worries, I always consider the source.
  12. Once I devour this deep fried chicken I'm going to think of something clever to say.
  13. I know right. It's like trying to take someone seriously when they end a statement with a fat joke. wait.
  14. We disagree on most everything to do with the team but I've never thought that what you said was anything but a different opinion. Until now. This is just stupid.
  15. Yeah I was just trying to get away from the monkey thing so I went with mud.
  16. It's always telling when only one organization and every member of it's team are the ones reporting something. I'd say there's certainly something going on the day after the the team is eliminated but I doubt anything about firings is getting linked. This is just throwing crap at a wall and seeing what will stick imo.
  17. zoiks Topic sucks. And it's just turning into a media hate thread anyways. Hell it practically started that way. Would you agree hun?
  18. Honestly they could be butthole breathers for all I know.
  19. oh shut up. I'm not defending anybody. I guess some of you gals can't handle a little criticism.
  20. He didn't bash anybody critical of TSN. He just pointed out the norm from you/us mouth breathing monkeys is to go after the easiest target. Somebody reports something and it turns into this pitchfork party. Sometimes it's warranted but it seems like every times something happens now people here just want to lash out at whatever they can. Ok so I added some stuff in there that he didn't say. :D
  21. The term "we're going to be/turning into the next Calgary" is a good sign that the person posting it has no clue what they're talking about.

    1. Batmania


      also I was very interested to see why evander kane was accused of ass and then the thread didn't deliver.

    2. Keslerific
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