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  1. He played in the young Canuck tournament against the Jets young players if I'm not mistaken. He raised more than a few eyebrows.
  2. That is not the hockey the Canucks are playing, AT ALL. This team has become more of a rush offense than the AV days IMO.
  3. Schaller might go before him when Sutter returns.
  4. What in *ell do I know?? Kid stays up, Hah!
  5. I once was all for Adam staying up in Vancouver, but, until this team gets settled, I think it might be best for him to spend some time in Utica. As others have said, playing 15-20 minutes in all situations will do the kid wonders. He's not far from being a really good NHL player.
  6. Cue, "Sweet Georgia Brown".....
  7. Maybe! Once they see what they've got with the kids after a full year, considering all the injuries that the Canucks get in each and every year too. I think the kids, Gaudette, and Pettersson, will get NHL ice time, and lots of it. Sutter might give them a chance to move up a spot or three. Plus, by the trade deadline, I'm sure we'll see plenty of Dahlen, Palmu, Jasek, Gaunce, Motte, and Leipsic.
  8. He was one of those kids that I really noticed in the blue/white game in the Canuck Development camp. You have to hand it to the Canuck scouting, they seem to be finding some real gems in the draft. Great insight on this kid and his young life.
  9. The thing I noticed about Rathbone, is his body size. He's got the NHL body, now he needs to develop that body for the NHL game. I posted a few names in Tyler Madden's thread, and completely forgot about Rathbone. He definitely stood out last night, skating, positional play, good IQ, passing skills, he's close to the show.
  10. The future is on its way!
  11. Imagine that expansion team, if the Canucks were lucky enough to get that guy that ended up in Buffalo, cough, cough. Tallon was a very good pick, in fact until Kurt got injured they were close to be a playoff team. They were a tough team to play against too. Tallon was probably the best Dman on the team. I'll never forget one of their draft picks back then, Bryan McSheffrey, poor kid got thrown into the lineup, completely over his head. One shift he ended up in the other teams bench, after a big hit. I don't think he was in the Canucks plans much after that. That management team as you said w
  12. The fact that he was invited to Team Canada's WJ camp, shows that it will be up to GB himself to get to the next level. Here's hoping the Canucks have a gem in their system.
  13. Just read a stat for Michael Grabner, 27 games/2 months not a point and playing 16 minutes a game. As per TSN twitter feed.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      & people cried we got rid of him. You know, the guy that sat out a WHL game because it was too rough

    2. Jiggs50


      Lol. I wasn't saying he would of been a core piece here man. Let it go. 

  14. I also remember Ovechkin sulking like **ll, when Canada beat Russia in the Vancouver Olympics. Once they got down in that game, he basically mailed it in. As well as the Americans in Sochi, other than Kesler that is.
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