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  1. Patrick Kane is a legit phenom but I did not even consider picking him haha! If the question is "in their prime" then Lindros by far. If you feel like being different then Vasilevskiy by virtue of being a goaltender.
  2. Fair enough! So then I would wonder how that affects his ability to coach the forwards and power play. Do factors like the practice schedule allow Shaw to do both? Also if he's doing a bit of everything does that make him a sort of backup if they decide to move on from Green?
  3. I both hear and share many of your concerns. What gives me hope is that we are stockpiling more assets. We have more and more players that are desirable to other teams if we need to make moves. It would suck to lose some guys but I don't think we'll be left in the dark ages again.
  4. If this is the case, do you think it will have an affect on his ability to coach the forwards and power play? Officially that is what he is supposed to be doing. If he's doing a bit of everything then it sounds like he's pretty close to being the head coach.
  5. I think they are rolling the dice that Poolman becomes part of the core, (top 4) likely replacing Hamonic. There doesn't look to be too much available in free agency next year if you want to upgrade the D that way. The fact that he shoots right should theoretically make it less risky as well. Right shots can be moved! Even if you're Erik Gudbranson!
  6. Can someone explain to me this attitude that CDC has regarding Brad Shaw? Did the Canucks not outright say that Nolan Baumgartner is the defense coach? I fully understand that Shaw brings a ton of experience and will be able to give input. It seems like fans think that Shaw is straight up running the defense and Baumgartner is just penciled in on paper. I'm not giving an opinion on the quality of either coach. Simply curious how you all think the team is going to run functionally. (Thought I would get that in there before someone jumps down my throat about how awful they think
  7. Depends which website you look at lol I've been scratching my head on this one.
  8. Nasty guy to play against? I see some numbers in that PIM column!
  9. Understandable then. Many folks are tempted by double D's
  10. Dadonov was money in the bank for my hockey pool 2 years in a row! Then my friends figured it out haha I think he'll be a good fit for Vegas
  11. Sure but that's not the point. I don't think a top 6 Canuck is going to be able to just go walk around Canada Place and visit the coffee shops without being recognized by basically everyone lol.
  12. Pretty sure I just heard Garland say that he enjoyed walking around by the water before games in Vancouver. Oh buddy.... that peace and quiet is over! haha
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