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  1. Marky most likely also wanted a NMC and much longer term. There's more to it than the number I'm sure.
  2. I agree with you lol. I was more just replying because Monty was being snarky. (fair play if you call me a hypocrite haha)
  3. You remember O'Reilly and Eichel carrying the team in 2015? I would like some of what you're smoking please!! Edit:I see you're confused. Eichel and O'Reilly joined the team in the 2016 season. Does that help?
  4. Just listening and reading what people are saying about this guy makes him sound like Jake Virtanen on defense lol.
  5. Seems like there's a lot of guys that are expecting to get paid this off-season. Considering the flat cap (some teams also have an internal cap) I kinda hope Benning just sits back and waits for the dust to settle at free agency. Could be some steals out there after the first few days.
  6. Wow that's too bad. As a fellow Sabres fan I liked him. I never experienced that kind of hate personally (though possibly some tried and I just ignored it LOL)
  7. I can't stand the title either. (No offense OP!) It seems like the most negative possible way of looking at this. Quinn Hughes is the highest scoring rookie defenseman since Nick Lidstrom in '92. (Makar is 2nd) The Canucks already have a Calder winning defenseman if that's what people are really worried about. Tyler Myers won it. So that's cool... I guess.
  8. As I said, it amuses me. Sounds like my comment got to you.
  9. Awww the people here were trying so hard to spread hatred for 1040 too! Keep trying folks! It amuses me!
  10. Agreed! In fact the entire team needs to be called a bust!
  11. Considering how these threads have gone lately, I am now expecting Myers to have the greatest game of his career tomorrow.
  12. LOL I agree with you about not getting too worked up (maybe I am a bit) but I had to laugh when I read this comment and then saw Torts. The Zen master himself!
  13. I may not have the same viewpoints as you but I think we can all agree with this part. It is sad that there are so many terrible people out there who will just take advantage of situations like this for themselves. For me it is also sad that so many people are feeling the need to resort to such extreme measures just to feel heard and understood.
  14. Black lives are not valued equally. There I fixed it for you with one word but the point still stands.