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  1. What? I had been assured that the Canucks were a bunch of soft little pushovers!
  2. Losing a fringe fourth liner means that we are the softest team in the league and always will be. Preseason results are a sign of ultimate doom. 3 of a possible 4 points on the road to start the season also is a sign of doom. All the league officials sit in a dark room creating illuminati style plots to derail the Canucks. Ah how I have missed the calm and rational regular season crowd haha!
  3. This is basically the 2011 PTSD thread. I'm not convinced that the Canucks are soft. Quite a few new faces that we don't know a lot about. In terms of just the average size of the team we're basically middle of the pack (15th or 16th I believe) I also cannot stop thinking about this debate I was reading last year about whether or not Lucic is the leagues heavyweight champion right now. I remember that man being afraid to fight the real heavyweights of the league (part of why I always thought he was a bully and didn't like him). How tough do you actually have to be in today's game? They need a team culture of standing up for one another but I don't think they need an enforcer.
  4. I see this as Chiasson replacing Mac. Is he really that much of a downgrade in terms of toughness? I saw Zack as a guy who was willing to go but nothing that the other team was really concerned with.
  5. This poll is near and dear to my heart but I haven't been able to pick. Some of the most exciting fights are exciting because they aren't fighting well. Guys just trading one hand over and over is fun but not terribly smart or skillful. Rypien probably demonstrates the most skill of anyone but I'm not sure that any of his opponents warrant a "greatest fight of all time" award. For this particular poll I am struggling with what constitutes greatness.
  6. Different for everyone of course but I actually felt worse after the first one than the second. I was fairly nervous for the second one but it ended up being fine for me. HOWEVER! A wasp then stung me a day later less than an inch from where I got the shot! It took me a couple of days to not want to spray Raid all over the place! (I didn't... chill)
  7. Over 200 pages of the same stuff haha I don't even know why I keep clicking on this thread.
  8. Captain Bo!!! I like this one cause there's no wrong answer! For me it's Bo for sure!
  9. Ah I see where we miscommunicated. I was thinking that you were referring to the ground game in MMA as just looking to be stood up/no offense. I didn't realize that you were referring more to just a stand up clinch. It's a fair point! Still don't think it applies to Brashear however. Brash would tie guys up right off the bat. He wasn't looking to end the fight because of it. He could get good leverage from short distance so he only needed a tiny bit of space and then he could just tie his opponent up again. Like you say, it wasn't particularly entertaining but it was damned effective. Fighting not unlike hockey is not just about offense!
  10. Guys get stood up and separated when the referee decides that there is not enough happening on the ground. For the most part however they are actively fighting while on the ground (ground strikes, submissions, positional battle etc.) and not just looking to be separated as you might see in boxing. Brashear was also generally fighting while he was "hugging". He'd hold guys in tight where there wasn't much space to punch then just find space to let go of some shots before pulling his opponent back in. It might not have been fun to watch but that has nothing to do with it's effectiveness. Edit: Very cool video of Steamer! I'm not sure the point your making with it (if there is one) but it is awesome nonetheless!
  11. Hey fair enough! I'm just trying to answer the question accurately and honestly. If we're going with which fighter I'd "like to see" then my answer is probably either Gino or Scott Walker. I also agree with those making a case for Rypien as P4P the best and most technical. If we're taking a hypothetical time machine to have all of these guys fight each other then I would be quite confident that Brashear is the guy who comes out with the most wins. As for boxing/MMA you are half right. Boxing they hug (clinch) often to get a separation (though some "inside" fighters do exist). MMA that is simply not the case.
  12. Brashear is absolutely the correct answer for this question. At some point (because I have seen this discussion play out before lol) someone will hop in this thread and start banging the "huggy Brashear" drum. So before that happens I'll just point out some other fighters who were criticized as being "huggers". Floyd Mayweather, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Lennox Lewis and Georges St. Pierre. I don't think I need to explain the point that is being made here.
  13. It has to be Kesler. The only one with a major award (Selke) for us on the list. Maybe the answer is different in a few years but the current crop hasn't caught Kesler yet.
  14. Hasek! Absolutely ZERO doubt in my mind what so ever! If the debate is "in their prime" then I take Hasek over anyone in the history of the game regardless of position.
  15. He probably deserves a 20 dollar signing bonus as well.
  16. I like the Reinhart comparable but this bolded part rubs me the wrong way. Not sure if it's nostalgia talking or what but you don't think Quinn Hughes can "approach" 3 top 5 finishes (for D obviously) and 4 top 10 over the course of his career? Lol I think I'll take that bet. Reinharts' career numbers appear to be within reach as well. That is significant considering that Reinhart played during the highest scoring era of hockey. Disrespectful to Quinn imo!
  17. I guess it depends on your definition of prime. Not sure if some of you read that part of the question. Even if Brett Hull was one dimensional 86 goals in one year is just way too ridiculous of a number. Most of you are aware that it is second only to Gretzky but may not be aware that no other American player has gotten within even 30 goals of this mark. The year that Hull put up 86, the next highest player had 51! It's bananas!!
  18. That's my personal top 5 so like I say, I largely agree with you lol. Robinson and Coffey in particular do not seem to get enough shine from the younger crowd. I have always assumed that it was because of the teams they played on. Just so many legendary Habs and Coffey went from "Gretzkys' Oilers" to "Lemieuxs' Penguins" Lidstrom wasn't super dynamic but he was just so reliable in all situations. I think we more or less have the same opinion (aside from me picking him in the poll lol). I was reacting to perceived negativity by you while you were reacting to the hype with a bit of an eye roll.
  19. I'm not gonna fight you too hard on this one because I largely agree with you. I would also take Bourque over him and a couple others as well. You are a little harsh on Lidstrom however imo. I don't disagree with your description of Blake either. The guy was a beast for sure. I'll use your own logic for Blakes Norris however. Blake had a +/- of minus 3 that year and was not top 5 in D scoring. Lidstrom was +22 and led the league in scoring for a defenseman. I realize that it doesn't actually count towards the Norris but Lidstrom also led the league in both stats in the playoffs that year. Edit: Can't believe I didn't catch this but both Zubov and Niedermayer entered the league after Lidstrom, left before him and were slightly younger. So perhaps they didn't do quite as well in their 30's as you suggest they might. (compared to Nick obviously)
  20. You got me curious! Which half? I see only 3 players that could be considered "below average to average players at best"
  21. Sergei Fedorov! Not QUITE the same offensive force (although still incredible in this area) as Bure and Ovechkin but by far the more complete player. And if it's his PRIME too? In 94 Fedorov was second only to Gretzky in points, scored a mere 4 less goals than Bure (tied for Bures best year) while also winning the Selke. Yes please!
  22. I picked Gordie! I'm happy that Beliveau and Yzerman are leading however since they were the other two that I considered. I most likely would have Yzerman second because I just don't know how to judge the original six era. The CFLish size of the league makes me feel like you SHOULD be winning cups in that era.
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