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  1. They don't claim to be haha They always give full credit to the actual experts that they have on the shows.
  2. Sucks to see people lose their jobs. Selfishly I am happy to have my preferred morning show back however.
  3. This! I love listening to music but not on the radio. I have my own playlists for that!
  4. I used to love B-Mac and Rintoul in the mornings back in the day. Scotty comes on when I'm at work and can't listen. I can't picture him on his own though. He needs someone to banter with a little bit. I'm personally not a fan of music or news radio so I always hope that sports radio does well.
  5. I voted yes as in "time to promote him" (3rd line/more minutes) but no I do not believe he should play on one of the top two lines.
  6. Lol! This legitimately happened at a place that I worked. A customer filed a complaint because the gift tag that they requested had a snowflake on it. Thanks for reminding me! I still get a chuckle any time I think about it.
  7. I was just meaning that I wanted to offend Bruins fans in general lol! There was zero rationale behind that statement other than I can't stand them haha
  8. I don't want my team to offend people or hurt their feelings (aside from Bruins fans lol) but I have a hard time believing that people legitimately take issue with this. I think it's more likely that people have seen an opportunity to make noise.
  9. The jerseys look great! Also Sprite is delicious! I will enjoy them with vodka on some game nights!
  10. Happy Birthday TD! A friend of mine at work is the biggest fan. I spent a good chunk of last year teasing her about how fun it will be to cheer him on down in Seattle. (I thought at the time that we would keep Marky) Glad I was wrong! This guy's a keeper! (pun intended)
  11. For those of you who are advocating the N95s (yes I'm aware that they are the best) how do you go about getting one? We cannot get them for my workplace because they are being saved for higher priority places such as hospitals. Maybe that's because we would need a bulk order of them though? Not sure if you can just get one for yourself. Even just a cloth mask (some are made better than others) is obviously better than nothing however. Particles might get through (though still a lot less than if you had nothing) but they don't just fly around by themselves in mini little airplan
  12. An up to date picture of the guy!
  13. Lol! This again. I don't understand why some of you are so determined to be negative. So you dislike the logo? Cool beans! You're allowed to! And the people that like it are allowed to as well. I personally think that The Canucks have switched logos too many times in their history. I am all for keeping a tradition going. It has been our logo for almost 50% of the teams history now and a large portion of the fan base grew up with it. I understand that there is an argument to be made about whether it does or does not make sense but I feel like most people do not care. A fe
  14. Those lacrosse style moves in hockey have always been my favorite. I just love watching it for whatever reason
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