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  1. Sounds like Eichels value has dropped significantly now. I feel bad for the fans but this is kind of karma for running a circus of an organization.
  2. He dug a huge hole last offseason but managed to crawl out of it on Wednesday. Aside from acquiring OEL you can't fault any move since then.
  3. RIP Dusty Hill (ZZ Top) and Hank Hill's cousin.

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    2. PhillipBlunt


      Rest in peace, Dusty. 

    3. sonoman


      What? A great loss to music. RIP Dusty

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Where ever he goes I hope there's "a lot of nice girls...". 



  4. You said it yourself it didn't work out, that warrants complaints from the fanbase. If we cannot be critical of management when they screw up then tell me the purpose of the forum? Oh is it tough being a GM? No shizza, it's called accountability. Ffs I'll take Squamfans negativity over this fluff bs, 'our GM can do no wrong Herpa derp. Why don't you try it.' CBJ's GM did a better rebuild in a weekend than Benning has for God knows how many years It's been but because me or you are not qualified to do the job we as canucks fans should just accept Benning's ineptness?
  5. His number are worse then the defensive numbers. And people think OEL will thrive, playing on a lesser defensive team but higher in the lineup??? Whatevs.
  6. CBJ GM is on fire right now, they took draft weekend and made it its bizzle. I wouldn't even take calls from that man right now if I am another GM.
  7. Tre Mac

    NFL thread

    Dude..... re-sign JC Jackson.
  8. Or he added one of the worst contracts in the league, couldn't get Arizona to add a 2nd and wasted the 9th overall pick because he still doesn't have space to sign a top 6 forward in Free Agency. Now he has to literally get rid of two players he just signed last offseason. I like Garland for the 9th on it's own but he took a huge risk by taking on OEL and risks haven't been kind to Benning.
  9. You missed the point entirely. The Nucks were the ones who were desperate and took on a ton of cap and risk just so JB can keep is job, he knows he's gone if they miss the playoffs again. That what payday loans are for, people that are desperate for money they get it sooner at a cost of increase interest. JB acquires Schmidt and Holtby literally last offseason and he is desperate to move that cap, so desperate in fact he has to get their agents to find deals. Like someone that is horrible with money and has to hit up money mart every week just to make ends meat - That's Benning with this ca
  10. The OEL trade is like relying on Moneymart just to make ends meet. Yeah you got a paycheck but now you owe even more to interest(draft picks, cap space). If he could've got a 2nd instead of adding one that could be used to move Holtby. Again, don't like these moves but at the end of the day Ownership had to approve it so it's on them if this club continues to spin its wheels in the mud.
  11. RHD and 18yo sounds good to me, nice hockey name to boot.
  12. Well Benning does know how to draft forwards with lethal shots and he has a decent name so hopefully this pans out.
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