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  1. Who's that gutlord marching?  You should cut down on the pork grinds mate, get some exercise. 

  2. I'll never forget the people whose chose not to wear a mask in our condo building or in public and I am sure I am not the only one. Selfish mofos. Oh and Horgan go get your Astra shot, don't blow this for us.
  3. I'm not mad just extremely disappointed. No real rhyme or reason to these moves and again this just reeks of dysfunction from ownership down. What the hell is the plan?
  4. Because this team has given about a dozen other things to whine about. Maybe Benning will bring this up during the presser "Remember that one move I made that didn't suck?"
  5. I haven't posted much here since I've been busier at work lately and the overall lack of interest in the Nucks. My chocolate of choice is milk chocolate melting wafers - I get them for around $1/100g, less than a chocolate bars go for. I found out there's a chocolate shop by my work so I bought all this before Xmas. It's mostly peanut butter and chocolate cups and a bit of mocha and chocolate. Of course it's long gone by now.
  6. Out of an abundance of fluidity I am reporting the Nucks have a bad case of the fluid spills.
  7. Was listening to the Vancast last week and found it odd one of the reporters was at a dog park and Virtanen was there - he said he was friendly to his dog(implying he pet it). Also saw a fan posted a selfie with Hughes. Doubt that's how this started but that tells me the Nucks weren't doing a good enough job staying away from the public like other teams were instructed to.
  8. I found a pic of my me and my dad from 2007 that I have no recollection of, also could barely recognize myself. It honestly took me a few seconds to realize that it's me in the pic. I know it was a pretty bad time but it's weird seeing yourself in a pic and having no clue where it was even taken.
  9. Stay safe out there folks, this variant ain't playing.

    1. AriGold


      I'll be honest, I've been lackadaisical thus far but the Brazilian one is more then a cold.. I'm being a wee bit more cautious..

  10. MAH GOD WHERES THE BENNING H8TORS NAO? It's a good deal but don't forget the reason this team won't be in the playoffs this year. Most NMC/NTC, most expensive player on the AHL and at a time the most expensive player on the taxi squad. But got to give credit where it's do and walking away from Marky and locking Thatchy D up was all Aces on Jimbos part.
  11. Tbh I didn't SN would be that smart but good on them, still got to boost thier signal though.
  12. Well f#$% the game on tonight, I got better things to waste my time on surprisingly. If the NHL continues to favor teams over the other then why bother watching? Anyone who says this isn't a big deal should either go back and watch the 2011 SCF or re-read what have wrote on here after. We were all outraged at the officiating.
  13. You shouldn't be allowed to take the puck out of the offensive zone in ot, totally ruins 3v3.
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