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  1. Yeah is across from my building, I guess he's trying to get at something under the bark. I saw 3 bears or a logging road near Silver Hope Rd a few years back camping, crazy to think they were by us.
  2. Never seen one of these before up close. 20201017_154840.mp4
  3. Oh God no. If anything Virtanen should play on his offwing.
  4. We got a guy making 6schmil that irritates the fans though.
  5. Thinking about a new TV but the good ones are all 65 inch, I'd like a 55inch with 240hz refresh rate.
  6. Currently looking at some prime deals right now.
  7. It was nice to go to downtown Vancouver and see some friends over the weekend. What a terrible year its been socially.
  8. It does if they told him to fix the cap, if they miss the playoffs he gets fired and a new gm comes in with an easier team cap to manage.
  9. Got to see the price first but nice he's back, hopefully they didn't overpay.
  10. All teams should wear that going forward, Olympics, World Jr's., etc.
  11. I wonder how much interest these goalies have in coming to Vancouver stems from the chance to work with Clarke. Surely it is known around the goalie circles that Clarke is one of the best if not the best goalie coach to work with.
  12. Can't say I know much of his work but 'Clearly now' is a very beautiful and iconic song. RIP.
  13. He's a good quality teammate that will be missed in the locker room, I like him as a bottom pairing and it'll be sad if he can't get a deal gone with Vancouver. He has value unlike the overpriced 4th liners that are eating up all the cap space.
  14. Yeah but it's not sounding good. If you can't skate it's going to be hard to make the NHL. Who knows, not everyone winds up like Horvat.