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  1. https://deadspin.com/the-lightning-won-the-cup-but-we-all-won-because-ther-1847250782/amp


    One of the cringiest articles I've ever read.  I am not a Macguire fan by any means but I always enjoyed it when he did color, even the 'can you believe it!' fiasco didn't even register to me.  The author writes like a 12yo, he shouldn't talk.... or write.  Maybe it's just me idk, seems pretty trashy to slam someone on thier way out.

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    2. Shirotashi


      PM doesn't deserve that lol. Ironic that the author poo poo's on PM for praising character and yet the whole article is completely bias and dripping with venom.

    3. Dazzle


      @Tre Mac I don't always agree with you, but I definitely agree with you here. This is just low class 'journalism'.

      And I agree with @Shirotashi The author is just toxic AF. There's nothing &^@#ing substantial about it. Nothing to do with Pierre's performance as a commentator or what not.

    4. Bell


      Pierre is a good guy whose real flaw is being too passionate about hockey.  Sometimes he get's so excited he sounds silly but the dude truly cares.  That so called journalist can eat a bag of d.cks.

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