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  1. Drance left a cushy job in PR with the Panthers to come back here and spit facts about the Nucks, he absolutely knows his stuff. Those grades are pretty accurate, I think the Poolman signing is C+ though. Doesn't mean these moves won't work out but I respect writers that don't wear rose colored glasses when writing about the Nucks.
  2. Shia no one told me Petey could slay it on the skins.
  3. Tre Mac


    I hope Leylay still has gas in the tank, exciting match and I don't even watch tennis.
  4. I left EASHL for 2k Rec two years ago and never looked back. Whatever year had David Bowey & ELO with upgradable attributes was my fav., wasn't a fan of cookie cutter builds. One thing I miss though is the overall community, very little toxic players if any compared to one every game on 2k.
  5. It'll always be my home but the vibe has definitely changed with all the towers shooting up. I'd love to take a train ride one day up north in the winter time. I've seen some ads but way too rich for my blood lol.
  6. Went for a jog about an hour ago and saw something burning up in the sky to the North, probably just a satellite but it was quite the visual.

    1. NewbieCanuckFan


      Alf's ship? :P

    2. ba;;isticsports


      I saw the sun burning up there just a minute ago, now cloudy again

  7. College ball is back. Gators won but man looking thin at QB and WR, D looks legit. Don't have high hopes this year but who knows.
  8. I think this is a killer deal for Carolina. Uknowho still has massive upside, I'd be pissed if I was a Habs fan right now - livid even.
  9. You just gotta hip it then pop it, hip it and pop it just like this.
  10. I did the math and here is where the flaw of your plan lies: X(r)¿《 <A> / Y(r)¿ 》Ý(t)¿ In other words you goofed, royally.
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    2. Bure_Pavel


      You would have to be pretty stupid to think it was mandatory to pay that invoice. 

    3. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      People will fall for it though which could lead to other issues like depression. 

    4. Coconuts


      Maybe, but if they hadn't thought it might work on some level they wouldn't have designed it that way 

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