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  1. I demand a huge raise and I want a long term deal too. Give me everything I want or I'm leaving. No? OK that's it. (walks out slamming the door)
  2. Why do the Canucks always suck against the Ducks? I don't get it. Its always like this year after year.
  3. lol that video was f-ing hilarious.
  4. He has no one to blame but himself. He has been given every opportunity imaginable. He was brought in to play with Sedins, which he did for a lengthy time, but he didn't produce. They tried him with other line mates when that didn't work and he still sucked, and he still sucks after 3 years. Obviously any coach is going to get fed up with this after a while. I don't put any of this on Green. Eriksson should hold himself more accountable and not make it sound like his failure is due to the coach not trusting him or putting him the right role or not giving enough ice time. I want this guy gone big time. I hope a trade is coming soon.
  5. I only said that because he was scratched the other game and should be trying to bounce back. I can certainly "separate contract and player during the game" but I don't separate his contract from the 3 years of disappointing, sub par play he's given so far. Its not one game, its the entire time he's played on the team.You see the logic behind that ?
  6. What a monster game from Eriksson tonight. He even took a shot on goal ! Loui Eriksson rocks my world for ever and ever.
  7. It's been so much it seems like he's been out more than in. I totally agree, I've had it up to my f-ing eyeballs with this guy. He was some kind of an iron man before he came here and then as soon as he comes here its one major injury after another. Ridiculous. Just get this f-ing guy out of here. Him and Eriksson. I would take back Megna and Chaput just to get rid of those two.
  8. Did you have a burning sensation when you did it?
  9. How many more games to go until his stint is over? When should we expect him back?
  10. I agree that Horvat is NHL ready. He's got the size, strength, he's worked with a speed skating coach over the summer and his skating has really improved, he's trimmed down a bit and moves quicker, and he's got the defensive side of his game mastered. The offensive skill is there and it will come when he gets more comfortable playing at the NHL pace. I see him slotting into a 4th line center role very nicely. Some might think he isn't an upgrade over the other options for his position but he actually is because he's got great offensive potential. And you want to start the process of getting prospects into the line-up so we can infuse the roster with more youth. There has been very little of that on the Canucks in recent times and its high time for it.