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  1. Nice to see him doing well. Always wanted him to succeed. Too bad he came up with us during such an awkward and challenging transition period.
  2. Agree with you on Brisebois. So glad he's still with us. He's only 24 and his game is still maturing. Timing could be really good for him at 26 in our new window a couple years from now.
  3. Really good take here. A certain portion of the fanbase is fixated on "overpayment" only without context, patience, or ability to let the positives play out. It's as if any perceived overpayment now must be met with the same negative reaction no matter the amount. We endured several legitimate and serious overpayments in recent years that justified a certain level of frustration and negativity. Totally get that. But you also have to be able to assess value whether it's tangible or intangible, see the positives, and then allow/give that value a chance to play out.
  4. After this thread, Vancouver's new ... OEL in the on-deck circle ...
  5. This thread should be an Olympic demo sport in Tokyo right now.
  6. 36 pages and counting. Looks like whinge crew found their whipping boy.
  7. Poolman was also a former teammate of Boeser's at North Dakota.
  8. Hard not to be happy for him. Too bad it's the Kings. Looking forward to his first game back and a great tribute.
  9. Glad they got this done. Especially since he wants to be here. Confident he'll be better in normal circumstances.
  10. This is the stability and consistency in a back up that we need. He'll win more games for us than lose.
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