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  1. From yesterday ... Green explains why Podz wasn't in the lineup and his reasoning ... starts at :59 ...
  2. Not surprised. Bailey has been on fire with Abby ... 5GP 3G 3A 6PTS
  3. Great to see this. Both Clark and Halak were looking forward to working with each other this season.
  4. Decent interview here ... good analysis and takes by Hirsch.
  5. Definitely... I'm with you... and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying he's better than Cheech. Looking forward to his return. I just noticed upon rewatching, Hirsch is improving and actually accurate in a lot what he says.
  6. Just rewatched the Seattle game this afternoon. That was Hirsch's best game. He's getting more comfortable. A lot of what he had to say was spot on.
  7. And to think we're getting him in his prime! Exactly the player we've needed in so many ways.
  8. OEL had a good game ... great timely defensive play in the final minute to break up the Seattle rush.
  9. So, it's Garland putting the team on his back. Someone's gotta do it.
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