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  1. Agreed excited to see this kid make the jump. I love his competitive edge he brings.. seems like one of those that really doesn't like to lose ala Kes.
  2. Lol cool the breeze bud.. you have no idea what I know for one. For two maybe you miss the point of us not having the input while he's over there. If he's here he is with OUR coaches OUR training staff. Working on the things that the CANUCKS want him to work on. Sorry if your feelers are hurt but you may want to grow a thicker skin.. these guys can be junkyard dogs at times . Welcome to CDC
  3. Don't forget we also have him a lot closer to home and can help with diet workouts etc.. I'm with him coming over as well. Comes down to weighing the pros and while the SHL is a great option, imo Utica holds more pros
  4. Don't forget that Harvey is obsessed with Tronald Dump... the guy clearly likes his humans to be arrogant, obnoxious, loud and intolerable
  5. You must not be a fan of Alflives, I have never had this much support from 1 person, thank you

    1. TheOgRook


      I would say more a fan of level headed fans that are able to see things for what they are without constantly trying to spin a chicken little story all the time :). Keep up the good posts and I'll keep up the pluses lol. You'll notice by the posts I make how I feel.. don't be shy to share the love

    2. Alflives


      Alf feels no love.  :P

    3. Sbriggs


      You have some reasonable opinions Alf, were just not on the same page when it comes to common sense

  6. Yeah you are right with the nicknames.. unless a gem like Tony Stretcher comes along!!
  7. TheOgRook

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    And still get angry and demand answers as to why he's not playing.
  8. Not sure, that goal is scored fairly often in the NHL. By the looks of it the goalie didn't get a good look at it. Also, you are right he didn't pull and Edler
  9. TheOgRook

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Ok so I guess you missed the fact he banged up his knee a couple games ago.. And the fact he's coming off a major knee injury. Do people on CDC ever think that maybe the professionals might have a grasp on how to handle things? But I guess I already know the answer to that
  10. TheOgRook

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Yeah, I'm not getting my hopes up but I'm hoping for a domino effect if he comes in and performs well. Hopefully it can push players into more comfortable areas and take the pressure of some guys to score.
  11. Brock is Beasting!  UND! UND!

  12. I was right with you Mike but that's just us being fans of Hunters.. Understandable you didn't miss anything.. Just CDCrs doing what they do.. Overreacting before they have a clue of the facts or the whole story
  13. Gaunce has been playing LW for a while and is looking good doing it. this may be more about his liking for Gaunce and other guys who can play two positions well. maybe Gaunce gets his shot to make the team?
  14. Thanks for this JYD. This is why I was hesitant to jump to any conclusions myself.. JB isn't perfect, but he seems to have a plan. And what you are saying makes sense JYD, excited to see him play.
  15. Blueberries on the hot seat