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  1. Hey, are you on PS4 by chance? With this as your gamer tag?
  2. Trumps motto.. "I'm like, the most hypocritical person like, ever, Like the most"
  3. Hmm Hates Gudbranson and frequents the trump thread..rockster8 Clam? Too early for another clam dupe ain't it?
  4. Good maybe people will stop crowding my nice little town lol. So many people coming from the city with their city attitudes and their city ways
  5. Same here. Even remember venturing out to visit a local village.. the road wasn't completed so we had to cut through a fenced off area. We were warned to ride fast if we see a dog lol but that was the scariest part. We Always do the tequila plantation tours. Usually make small talk with the owner and end up with his private bottle a couple glasses and some great stories! I've had nothing but great experiences with the people in Mexico (non tourists Mexicans). Real salt of the earth people.
  6. Is this the same wife who claimed that Trump raped her then later recanted the story? Does this sound like a credible character witness to you?
  7. So you think a trillion dollars in debt to line the pockets of the rich is a good thing? Guess you are entitled to that opinion.
  8. I'm aware of that was just a question lol. Usually Internet forums follow the same rules.. all good.. I don't swear or link so it doesn't affect me
  9. Hey Monty just a curious question. If the people responsible for tv regulations say it's ok what are the rules on the board for that. The reason I ask is I heard $&@) hole live on the air more times last night than I did in my whole real life combined. Just wanted it clarified thx in advance
  10. Oh I get it you hate Hillary so you are Willy to be a trump apologist? I'd expect more from a Bernie supporter
  11. Some people believe whatever the dotard tell them. It's kinda sad to see some folks on here completely unable to call a spade a spade. People, if you don't see what he said is just wrong, some self reflection is needed. No it was not ok, even in a closed room to lump 100s of millions of people into a $&"@ hole comment. I agree with Warhippy, at the moment the us doesn't deserve lady liberty. But it is now the time we will see true people of character rise above. It was good to see some republicans last night condemn him for what he said, but it's not enough. Unfortunately the US is on a slippery slope and could be one of those $&@" hole countries before long. I've already cancelled trips where I personally would have dropped thousands of dollars. Gonna give it to the "rapists and murderers"instead!
  12. Omg this guy never ceases to amaze.. I can't believe he can even put his pants on in the morning.
  13. Really gives strong meaning to the term deplorables doesn't it. Sad really. I have friends that voted for the dumpster. Other than being gullible, they are really good people.. they are starting to wake up to this gong show. This is going to make mid terms a lot more difficult for the right. Part of the problem seems to be people shaming people for having their own view points when it comes to politics.. to the point of voting against the way a family historically voted will get you disowned. Would love to to hear your experiences with this @SabreFan1 have you seen these kinds of lines drawn in your personal experience?
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