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  1. Agreed excited to see this kid make the jump. I love his competitive edge he brings.. seems like one of those that really doesn't like to lose ala Kes.
  2. You must not be a fan of Alflives, I have never had this much support from 1 person, thank you

    1. TheOgRook


      I would say more a fan of level headed fans that are able to see things for what they are without constantly trying to spin a chicken little story all the time :). Keep up the good posts and I'll keep up the pluses lol. You'll notice by the posts I make how I feel.. don't be shy to share the love

    2. Alflives


      Alf feels no love.  :P

    3. Sbriggs


      You have some reasonable opinions Alf, were just not on the same page when it comes to common sense

  3. Ill touch on this first.. You could see the kid is a sweetheart, he looked so worried and almost sick when Richardson got hurt. And I love it! Shows he has a lot of character to him. And some of the nastiest sons I know are big teddy bears till they lace up the gloves and skates.. Then look out correct me me if in wrong that's the second injury caused this year by somebody having minor contact with Trammer. Kids a beast, loved him and how his situation is handled. hopefully those not liking the tough love jakes been receiving will see it's a tried and true method of sending me
  4. You don't just play a guy that admitadley showed up to camp out of shape. What kind of message does that send to the others? He will play when he's in shape, not before then. 3% body fat loss is a lot already, hopefully he is close and has learned from this. And I've been an open supporter of his since arriving, but I support doing things the right any more.
  5. Agreed.. Just found the bolded part funny as it sounds like broken English, say it with a Russian accent
  6. You need to just stop, that's a complete false statement. Your schtick is getting old. He actually said he thought he heard somebody in the bench call for a change! 13000 posts in a year and not a one useful.
  7. Don't misrepresent things to make your point... It was a miscommunication with the bench that led to the short shift not lack of endurance
  8. Brock is Beasting!  UND! UND!

  9. I'm not young nor old, I was happy when this cut came back because I've been wearing it on and off for 20 years lol was popular back in high school too lol.. His age group is stealing my styles! Now these dudes with the beards.. Ugh next thing you know everybody will be wearing plaid.. Wait what?
  10. There is nothing wrong with Deniro saying what he said.. We all have to be accountable for what we say. Don't worry though he doesn't handle it any better than you do
  11. Yup exactly why he's here, it'll give him a great grasp on what he needs to do.. Hoping he stays so training staff and some of the guys can help him adjust and feel truly at home. as far as jet lag, I'm sure you all can remember the importance Hockey Canada put on getting the players there as early as possible to allow for the maximum adjustment period. It takes time to adjust to that big of a difference. Sleep clock adjustment food etc. No need to rush. Really looking forward to seeing him, not just for the hype.. Just excite for another one of our picks to get a shot!
  12. That's because today's generation (generally speaking). Isn't willing to work for anything and expects things to either be perfect or expects thing to come easy. The key to a successful marriage is finding that special somebody you want to go to hell and back with If you believe there is no option for divorce it forces you to work through things, for better or worse. I'm much too young to sound this damn old! lol
  13. Got married at 22.. Ain't nothing wrong with that. I've been lucky enough to live a pretty special life since then. If you marry the right woman, THAT is living. The greatest gift of all
  14. This is where having a guy like hammer around to finish off the year is a good thing and more valuable than a 3rd. He will help Tram feel comfortable, and will also help him temper the expectations and pressure being put in him. Who knows better than Hammer how fickle the media and fans can be around here.
  15. This eludes to how important it is to have some vets in the lineup. They will have him prepared Can hardly wait!
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