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  1. Got pouty after the loss last night and made an immediate visit to the Draft Simulator. I vowed only one sim. The result softened the blow of the loss in the same way buying a lottery ticket promotes daydreaming of potential realities.
  2. If Oli hadn’t been injured there is a good chance with the Canuck’s injury situation that he’d be playing Top 4 or at least given the opportunity. It would have been nice to have had a better understanding of the defense going forward but, you know, Canuck luck. I think he would have seized the opportunity and we’d see why he was drafted where he was.
  3. I have no argument as to how this is going to happen except that he’s apparently been training hard and I have a feeling he’s going to continue the end of last seasons growth with increased ice time. Really, I just like the meme, I know there are tons of reasons why people think he’ll fail but as a Canuck fan I have trait: unwarranted optimism
  4. We may have dropped in the draft again but hopefully Francesco will be just as happy with JB’s pick this year as he is with “Golden Boy”
  5. 1. Pettersson 2. Demko 3. Boeser 4. Juolevi 5. Dahlen
  6. I know it's sacrilege even writing this but after the first few preseason games does anyone else feels like there's just better options than Burr at this moment? Ugh, I feel dirty now.
  7. Ha. Totally, I'm way too much of a homer to even give the Canucks prospects an objective assessment let alone a negative one. I'm the guy who thinks the Canucks have an honest shot at the Cup at the start of every year. Smart-assery is just a part of my nature.
  8. Well, I guess it's time to write off Juolevi. I mean, he is already 18, was drafted a whole 3 months ago, was playing with players he'd had maybe 4-5 practices with in the first games of the year and he STILL made a couple bad plays. Like, who cares about all the little things he did right, you know, 98% of his play. Obviously he busted. #shouldhavedradtedTkschmuck
  9. This tourney can't get here quick enough. Excited to see some slick outlet passes from Juolevi that shut up some of the haters.
  10. Ha. Ya seen that too. Virtanen, maybe Pedan?
  11. I'm sure management is keeping tabs on Jake. I doubt they'd let his weight get out of control. Some people are just built bottom heavy like those blow up clowns from the old days that couldn't get knocked over. When people have that body type they always look "chunky" even though they are probably in great shape. It has no doubt benefitted his ability to hit.
  12. Congrats to the Canucks for landing a superstar on FA day. Albeit a country music superstar.
  13. If you read my edit from a day ago you'll see I added that. But sure, 2 free agents signings instead of 1 in decade totally negates my point.
  14. The last time a top Dman in their prime went to free agency was Chara, ten years ago. When is the last time a potential top 2 Dman got aquired in a trade without an obnoxious asking price? You get defence through drafting. That's really the only way. I've only watched Joulevi during the WJC but he made Laine and Pulijarvi better. He'll do that in Van too. Guys like Tkachuk, those are the ones who get scooped during free agency.
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