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  1. canucks are garbage right now. but not sure if the coach publicly announcing it is going to do any good. Green has to really work his ass off tho and figure out how to fix offensive zone entry. the passing from the neutral zone out is $&!#. 1st line is too panicky. hughes spending too much time fishing out pucks from the boards and losing those battles. need to delegate that to his d partner.
  2. lol be prepared for losses like these rest of the year and next. until all the crap contracts are gone. and then Benning will sign another 4 $&!#ty contracts. yea we screwed for the next 10 years
  3. jake trade value gone up our "star" players cheaper to sign next year Not too bad
  4. i love this team. full of urgency, cohesiveness, intelligence. everyone deserves a $5mil raise. especially the players 33 years and older
  5. Boeser doesn't need to drive the line. That's not his role. He shoots the puck and is good at doing it
  6. gonna get shut down by marky and tanev. flames 3-0 can't win with a below average IQ 3rd liner playing with petersson and boeser