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  1. Doesn't he want to win a cup? More of a retirement destination Life priorities I guess
  2. LOL talk about overpayment. This makes Jim looks like a god
  3. Not sure about this one. Overpaid @ 2.5 aav for having just 1 point last season. 18 mins average ice time? Doesn't play a shut down role either Benning u high bro?
  4. The goal for this off-season was to acquire personnel who can play a defensive game. We had no problems scoring goals. We needed defensemen who can actually plan defense Only way OEL can help the team is if he can play well defensively. And play more of a shutdown role. Based on the past 2 years he cannot. We're gonna see very quickly if he can adapt his game to fit our needs. If not Canucks fans are gonna be crying for 6 more years.
  5. Ownership and management couldn't wait 1 more year for all the crap contracts to expire. Instead they took on a longer and $&!#tier contract that's is ultimately impossible to get rid of if things fall apart Let's hope OEL can give us 2 decent years and the rest he can just injure himself and go to LTIR
  6. Foundational move from benning Jokes aside, he does fill a hole in our line up. Let's see what benning does the next 2 weeks
  7. Please take him. So we can use the buyout on someone else
  8. Move Oulevi to the coaching staff and put a C on his shirt. Show Greens who's boss
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