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  1. thorton really wanted to experience what its like to lose to the bruins in 6 eh?
  2. damn prob won't get cernak. unless JB turns super saiyan 3 and pulls off something insane
  3. lol 8.8 for 7 years. dodged a major bullet there. Vegas is gonna be crying ass in 2-3 years
  4. chill. benning will get us 2 solid defensemen this week. then all the doubters can stfu
  5. god hope we don't sign this guy. we need defensive dman ffs. not an average diminutive overated dman
  6. AP is overrated. gonna be good for 2-3 years , then will become an average D at 33 years old getting paid 9mil/year
  7. please avoid barrie at all cost. he is absolutely not what we need
  8. please package virtanen, LE and 2nd somewhere so we can sign AP
  9. honestly not big of a loss. Tanev has reached his prime. he will only play 40 games per season due to injuries and probably miss playoffs due to injuries as well. Im sure JB can find better ways to spend the 4.5 mil per year
  10. we all know that, but for other teams who don't watch him on a daily basis might see his 18 regular season goals and get their pussy wet. hence trade bait