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  1. Right call by Green to start Holtby If we can't win with an average goalie in net, we don't deserve to be in the playoffs
  2. who's ready for a 5 game losing streak??? lololololll tofolli is overated . thank god he's not on our team
  3. good to see Miller get demoted to the 3rd line. You don't get paid millions to be a whining SOB. be a professional and play til the end of the game
  4. I guess OP became a fan post 2011. hell fcking no to Julien
  5. lol this Thomas guy... rambles on and on and basically is trying to say playing better defensively can win you hockey games. no sh1T
  6. wtf is this bald guy. nate schmidt our best overall Dman? schmidt sucks bro
  7. fire green now trade boeser trade all our assets for toffoli and sign him to a 6x6 markstrom is god Tanev is the 2nd coming
  8. Miller needs to be disciplined for his carelessness on the defensive end. its absolutely disgraceful. Its the coaching staff's to job keep players accountable. Green has failed miserably in this aspect, among many other things
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