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  1. What is going on... Lack is unbeatable in NHL 12 has a .961 save percentage, a 0.68 GAA along with a shutout in just 2 games he's started

  2. Philly won All we need is Phoenix to lose and were back in the race

    1. CatsPajamas


      I'll be surprised if Florida beats the Yotes. But Boston should get them, and so should Pits. Pray for NYR and NJ to beat them, it should be close.

  3. Kesler for 1st round pick of Buffalo, A prospect, and a experience centre man ideally maybe Stafford, maybe Neuvirth
  4. The worst move Gillis made was trading both Luongo and Schneider those are the only two transactions that eventually led CDC to the Canucks tanking this season Anyone else have any suggestions on what his worst moves have been with the Canucks....
  5. Prepare yourselves for the Canucks final 10 remaining games it's gonna be one hell of a finish

  6. Would it be nice if we win all our remaining games
  7. On another note @CNN: On CNN now: Australian authorities holding news conference after report of 2 objects found possibly related to #MH370.
  8. @FarhanLaljiTSN: Henrik on Lack, "...I'm sure he only expected to play 15 or so games. For him to come in here and steal the number one job says a lot..."
  9. Laaaaaaaaaaa and Jenssssssseeeeeennn Lets all join the Jensen train Everyone's welcome including bandwagoners
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