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  1. Anyone know any nice areas in Metro Van with cheap/fair priced apartments for rent?

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    2. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      i have a cardboard box in some alley, near granville and nelson for rent. pretty spacious, close to transit, located in the heart of downtown! hydro not included $900/m

    3. milk and honey

      milk and honey

      try fraser valley/okanagan/winnipeg maybe?

    4. kazin!


      Cheap[er]? Fair[er]? Try Marpole or East Van.

  2. Perogies and Carrots with a side of depression and loneliness I hate my life
  3. Tinashe is so cute Also Camilla Cabello
  4. If you've been talking/hanging out with a person for 4 months straight would it be rude to just one day completely ignore them without reason?

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    2. Green Goblin

      Green Goblin

      It's your right to do as you please. Perhaps they deserve to be ignored, then sure. But I bet there's an easier way to let them go. Maybe make up an excuse to spare their feelings?

    3. Gyllenhaal


      I'm the one being ignored. I'm over it now but I'm a little upset that she didn't just say "hey, i don't want to hang out anymore". I think it's kind of disrespectful. I'm very honest with people and if I didn't want to hang out with someone that wanted to hang out with me I would definitely find a way to tell them.

    4. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      You're probably better off without them.

  5. Unless your a time traveler. Just down a bottle of whiskey and you'll wake up 10 hours in the future.
  6. I got banned for a month because I made a thread about VintageCanuck being dead... good times.
  7. Well, the only heavy lift I do is squats so I was looking for something a little more functional. These are the 2 I'm looking at right now. New Balance MX730 Nike Metcon 1 TR I just thought I would get your guys opinion on shoes.
  8. What shoes do you guys wear? I have some crappy runners (from the Crosby collection) and I hate them. I mainly do weight training so I'm looking for some good training shoes.
  9. Same place. I actually just fixed my gps problem. You have to change the gps setting on google maps to high accuracy then it works fine.
  10. I have the exact same problem. And sometimes my avatar will walk in a completely random direction, it took me 2 days just to join the poke-gym near where I workout because my avatar wouldnt go to where I actually was. But this game is pretty awesome. I'm not sure if it is something with longevity but if you can look pass the gps errors and server issues it's a good game.
  11. Dudes doing the stanky leg while he benches. lmao.
  12. A lot of people, including myself, thought he was AHL eligible. He is NOT. If Olli doesn't play in the NHL he must go back to the OHL. He is not on loan to London.
  13. I'm sure it's been mentioned already but he is eligible to play in the AHL next year. That could be huge for is development.
  14. I was pretty upset we didn't take Tkachuk, but that was more because Calgary got him, but I'm really excited we got Juolevi. When was the last time we had a D prospect of his caliber, Bourdon? Great pick.
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