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  1. Hoglander, in his rookie season, is on pace to match Virtanen's best season as a Canuck if there were to be a full season. Just sayin'. Hoglander 50 gp 12 g 14 a 26 pts .52 ppg Virtanen 69 gp 18 g 18 a 36 pts .52 ppg
  2. Are we investigating Podrick now?
  3. AG's 1 assist was a pretty lazy looking play by him as well. Had high hopes for AG like a lot of people, but he may have hit a crux in terms of his place on a roster: not quite good enough offensively for top 6 and not good enough defensively for bottom 6. Time will tell of course.
  4. They tried to keep him by giving him $&!# icetime with the idea that would force him into a contract... not gonna work. I'm looking forward to Podz being here next year. With him and Hogs in our top 6, we will have a lot more energy than we have seen in the past few years.
  5. While I agree with the sentiment (and a 100% about the new format), I don't think we will have much of a choice moving forward - intentional or not, our season is in tank mode. I would like to see what we have in some of our prospects, especially the ones that have been sitting on the taxi squad all season playing no games and stagnating their development. Play them and get them some game time. Personally, I believe the team is better served by a higher draft pick this year moving forward, so I don't mind pushing onwards in what would be a forced covid tank mode.
  6. The season is a write off. Play the grunts! Let's finish up this season strong... for the draft.
  7. Woo has the best plus / minus on the team at +5. Must be doing something right.
  8. Yes, but it is typical procedure for GM JB to wait out till near the end of the signing period to get things done. How many of his signings does he actually get done early? With two major contracts to negotiate and uncertainty around the cap, I am not so confident that he gets this done before the likes of EP and Hughes. I hope he does though.
  9. The Michael Jackson of hockey fighters... hahaha He really needs to learn to drop the gloves. “But until we get some conclusion on what’s going to happen this year and get more information for next year, we’re in a holding pattern to wait to see what that looks like before we start talking term and numbers with him.” - JB I'm not too encouraged by this quote from GM JB. He needs to get his $&!# together and get this guy on board. It sounded like last year NT's camp got impatient not hearing from JB and signed in Russia. I can see that happening again if we don't ge
  10. If your base comparison was just this game, it is understandable. Hughes was horrific defensively and couldn’t generate much offensively either.
  11. Not gonna lie. Losing sucks, but I'm looking forward to adding a stud D prospect to our lineup from this upcoming draft. A lot of great ones to choose from including another Hughes. And honestly, I don't think we were ever CUP material without adding another one - that's all I care about.
  12. Can't wait until the second half of Hogz and Podz finally gets here. Hoglander has been the only redeeming part of watching this season so far for me.
  13. If we get the 1st overall, I'm not going to complain. There are some real juicy Dmen in the top 10 this year, which we could really use to solidify our backend and actually compete with teams like Colorado over the next decade. Not that I want to tank this year, but we could really use that player. With that said, it would be nice if we could be a little tougher to play against than this weak defensive game we have right now.
  14. I was more so speaking towards what led to this, not necessarily what is occurring at this moment with it. Huge difference there. The context around this is much bigger than what has just happened this past week. The idea of meme stocks and yoloing just didn't appear out of thin air.
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