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  1. Not gonna lie. Losing sucks, but I'm looking forward to adding a stud D prospect to our lineup from this upcoming draft. A lot of great ones to choose from including another Hughes. And honestly, I don't think we were ever CUP material without adding another one - that's all I care about.
  2. Can't wait until the second half of Hogz and Podz finally gets here. Hoglander has been the only redeeming part of watching this season so far for me.
  3. If we get the 1st overall, I'm not going to complain. There are some real juicy Dmen in the top 10 this year, which we could really use to solidify our backend and actually compete with teams like Colorado over the next decade. Not that I want to tank this year, but we could really use that player. With that said, it would be nice if we could be a little tougher to play against than this weak defensive game we have right now.
  4. I was more so speaking towards what led to this, not necessarily what is occurring at this moment with it. Huge difference there. The context around this is much bigger than what has just happened this past week. The idea of meme stocks and yoloing just didn't appear out of thin air.
  5. I had followed GME for awhile now, even on WSBs, and was trying to build an argument to invest in it in my own mind back in the fall but couldn't figure out a solid path for the company to succeed. I honestly didn't know enough about how short squeezes occur to understanding what could transpire - especially to this level. I just thought people were betting on Ryan Cohen turning the company around. I do believe that without him getting involved, the momentum definitely wouldn't of been there to get to where we are today. He sounds and acted convicted enough that he has an idea that could work and all this media attention will probably help his efforts. I kind of want them to just sell the company directly to the retail investors - I mean it was never going to be worth this much anyways right? Why not just sell their own shares to retailers? hahahaha Tossing in a few Gs? Sounds like gambling!
  6. Yeah, I wasn't intending to provide a one sided point of view, just talking about a specific point. There is absolutely manipulation going on, but not everything is manipulation and there definitely a gambling addiction building based on the market gains. I 100% believe Vlad (CEO of Robinhood) is guilty of colluding with Hedge Funds on what had transpired, and that Hedge Funds (among others) have been guilty of taking unfair advantage of the markets and retailers. There are multiple elements accumulating all at once currently and all of these aspects are at play - especially historical facts of the system knowingly screwing people over and then getting bailed out afterwards (ex. 2008 housing collapse). On the GME topic specially there were a couple of interviews today that stood out for me: (1) The CNN reporter laying into the Robinhood CEO who sounds guilty as f*ck. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2021/01/29/robinhood-ceo-vlad-tenev-gamestop-stock-cpt-vpx.cnn (2) The Webull CEO explaining his point of view of the circumstances and correctly places blame in the right areas (but not all). https://finance.yahoo.com/video/heres-why-robinhood-restricting-users-173049721.html
  7. I have found the current psychology of retail investors really concerning. I admittedly have not been in the market that long and have chased some stock pumping (winning some and losing some), still a LOT to learn about investing in general, but am now building up long term investments that require less day to day managing. What is concerning though, and we are beginning to see more and more of this, is the gambling mentality that is being built up in the market environment. The whole GME situation is just amping this up even more after TSLA already did a good job hyping people up the past year. There is a massive amount of new retail investors over the past while that have only seen people get huge gains. This have been compounding into people wanting to bet higher and higher stakes. Now, what GME has done is amped up the mentality that if a stock DOESN'T go up and provide huge gains, then the system is against them and the market manipulators are at fault - irregardless that they have ZERO clue about investing fundamentals or even know what the hell they are investing in to begin with! The video below is a bit of a rant by a youtube investor who has several channels (this being his least popular subscription wise) and he sums up the current frenzy really well and the dangers that this will provide in the coming days, months, years...
  8. The blood along the boards on that hit is just nasty!
  9. Many stocks took a HUGE dip this morning, but not quite as drastic as what we saw with CCIV. The news on the possible delay hit CCIV and then the a large chunk of the market tanked as well at the same time. I wasn't quick enough to jump on some of the sales though unfortunately.
  10. Any reports on what occurred this morning around 8:00am? That was bizarre... Glad it didn't hold.
  11. Ain't no one clowning around here. . . Jokes aside, I can see why the NHL is clamping down on their protocols as it has the potential to jeopardize their entire season. There is probably more to the story than just the Russians hanging out in their hotel room... I mean, how did they get caught in the first place? hahaha
  12. "social interactions among team members who were in close contact and who were not wearing face coverings." If this is only between the players themselves, this is pretty weak. They play entire games being close without facemasks, especially if they celebrate a goal, or get into after the whistle battles. I'll reserve judgement though until more details come out. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-fines-washington-capitals-100k-for-violation-of-covid-19-protocols-1.1580337
  13. For me, this honestly isn't a must win season. I consider this a transition year to the new core. If we make the playoffs, awesome. If we end up dead last in the standings, sweet - we have all our picks this year. We could use one more top 10 pick to put us over the top. Just look at the Avs roster to see what we will be competing against for the next decade. I'm just glad we got some hockey this year all things considered. With that said, I would definitely prefer that we aren't deemed "the worst team in Canada"... that would suck. I don't see this team letting it get to that point though, they are too competitive.
  14. EP40 is a perfectionist. When he isn’t playing well and they are losing the game, he gets upset with himself.