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  1. Feels like you are being too literal. I'm talking about his impact on the ice. Not whether or not he gets time on Horvat's line. Just watch and see. Abby fans might want him there, but that ain't happening.
  2. He's too good for Abbotsford and won't spend a minute there. He will have a Hoglander type rookie year imo.
  3. Getting a little caught up on what's the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th line are we...? That Horvat line could easily be called the "2nd line". Fwiw Ritchie produces at a .5ppg rate. More than a "4th liner". We could use someone like him to balance out our lines.
  4. Hoglander - EP - Boeser Ritchie - Miller - Podkolzin Pearson - Horvat - Garland Motte - Dickinson - MacEwen *If EP is good enough in the dot. Roll 3 offensive lines.
  5. Missed this leap on his play. Florida seems to be betting on his play continuing and getting a bargain. He was often the only one that showed up in the playoffs for Calgary. Good add.
  6. The last one in my memory is Maxime Comtois. Fell to #50 in the second round after being ranked as high as #4 in the first round by Bob's pre-season ranking. https://www.tsn.ca/mckenzie-s-pre-season-ranking-the-nolan-patrick-draft-1.567410 Granted he also had a few guys ranked high that haven't turned out well.
  7. I'm hoping they are able to match him with a Pearson-esque contract 3 x $3.25m.
  8. We may have found our version of Marchand...
  9. You would think that the repercussions for his actions would be not drafting him... this doesn't feel like a repercussive action.
  10. Another happy camper from the US program. hahaha
  11. Nope, just sitting on the couch like a bum with his brother getting drafted...
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