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  1. While I generally agree with this sentiment, the Sedin's were also getting paid for their level of play - and underpaid as the years progressed. EP has signed a contract that demands that he delivers. Fans are now demanding that he delivers. It's pretty simple. I have patience that he'll turn it around, but he will certainly get flack in the meantime while he doesn't.
  2. Nobody is saying we are better without him. However, there is no denying he needs to be better defensively and clearly you aren’t saying it’s not an issue either, so not sure where you are going with this. He doesn’t need to be “the most defensive player in the world”, but he sure as sh*t can’t be as bad as he has been either.
  3. QH continues the trend of giving up one breakaway per game from being pushed off the puck at the offensive blueline. Hoping he figures out that sometimes he shouldn't hold onto the puck when being pressured because these giveaways can't contintue to happen.
  4. I considered myself a fairly big fan of the team and I didn't even know, or even cared to know, whether GMJB had kids. It is hard to believe that this was a targeted attack because of its Canucks association in my opinion. It is possible of course. People did creep on JB at the grocery store.
  5. Petterrson not looking like he deserves that pay raise yet... He needs to step up.
  6. And ice an even worse defensive core than we already have?
  7. Still voted 4th best in the East behind Adam Fox, Victor Hedman and Dougie Hamilton for the year... If you have ever bothered to watch McAvoy play, he is better than anything we currently have.
  8. After having viewed the hit about 1000 times now, I gotta give Keith some props for not whining like a b*tch about it. Connor could learn something.
  9. 5th in voting for the Norris last year. He's overall better than Nurse ($9.25 mil) and a better defender than Makar ($9 mil) in my opinion. I am actually kind of glad that defensemen are starting to get paid. They have been horribly underpriced compared to forwards for some time now. It also makes OEL and TM contracts look a little nicer to boot.
  10. They are definitely gunning for the 1OA this year icing that lineup. Jay Beagle at 1C and Ben Hutton in net. This can't go well.
  11. Forgive me for informing you, but this was never, ever the case with Mac. Ever. He's a bottom six guy who can't PK. Not much upside. But can fight. Not a big loss other than our team stature and truculence shrunk a little.
  12. To be fair, Vilardi is trending upwards and will likely have a breakout season this year.
  13. Not such a bad guy after all eh... hahaha So much hysterical fluff going around during negotiations. The guy wants to play.
  14. Seattle currently holding reign of the worst winning percentage in NHL history. What a trash organization.
  15. About a year too long in my opinion... and a lower average would be nice. He better create havoc in front of the net for us.
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