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  1. what did Gaudettes wife say about flaunting restrictions ? is there a video clip, I tried to search for it to no avail
  2. Sounds about right. I will always keep an open mind on a player until seeing them with my own 2 eyes. More-so curious on the backstory, if any
  3. *scratches head* Is this Gaudettes 'punishment' for bringing Covid onto the team ? I thought he had a lot of potential despite his weight gaining issues
  4. He really went all out, gotta respect the heart. Lets go Stipe!!
  5. Putting 2 and 2 together... yes I agree. If Peel felt he could be so candid to say that to Sutherland then.... it takes two.
  6. That is my view as well he needs high energy to play solid D, he can do great offensive when he is tired but the defensive side of his game needs that fresh energy to be effective
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