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  1. I’m ready for another W... got some shotgun backups too , it feels like Friday
  2. It was also nice having a “meat and potatoes” piece to that line imo.. balanced physical play, creating space for others to make skill plays. Or just a coincidence, in spite of Jake, that the line had some success.
  3. Agreed. I cannot wait for John and John’s return... the lack of excitement in last nights announcing was disappointing as a viewer
  4. Mine has been finicky all day just needs a modem reset most of the time
  5. Love the amount of dark horses we have this year poised to break out
  6. I'm cool with this if it helps the league make ends meet... doubt it will impact performance.. or my watching enjoyment I wonder who the Canucks helmet sponsor will be ? Rogers ?
  7. No.. nothing else. thanks for reminding me. any legit sources talking about Pence's fake vaccination ? they look pretty similar to my untrained eye both took about 1 second to administer
  8. nice perfect timing with the snow to go skiing over the holidays... I think that's allowed..
  9. I can't seem to embed the instagram link videos anymore... but Michael Buble and Petey went to go sing some christmas carols at canuck place the other day. worth a watch, made my morning!
  10. Some good callouts too - NMF vs BMF and Aldo vs Dillashaw would be great fights. I would probably go with BMF and Aldo.. Watching Hardy nearly pass out was nice to see as well. .. up next free card Holloway vs Kattar I like both guys dunno who to pick.