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  1. I voted Green for the first time in protest of this 2 party crap selection we deal with.. in vain I am sure though, hearing lots of ndp votes
  2. Money buys votes, both parties know this and play to this. debt is okay to promote growth with capital investments, not many large investments can be paid for up front, but running constant deficits with no end is side is a sad story. I don't see it as being sustainable either. Its scary thinking far into the future imagining how we are going to manage this. we are not alone though at least.
  3. This sounds pretty religious, need more details to provide relationship advice. Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission most of the time I know that..
  4. I am an eternal optimist as well with this kid - quite the rollercoaster it has been. I still hope and think he perseveres to be an impact player at a reasonable price.
  5. Interesting analogy there, I hear Twitter Jack is getting subpoenaed this week too Kendall compared the tech industry to 'Big Tobacco' and 'Big Auto', saying at the heart of all three industries there is an ingredient that is severely detrimental to the world. 'Big Tobacco relies on nicotine, Big Auto relies on fossil fuels, and Big Social relies on user attention to generate revenue. 'None of these practices are sustainable for a healthy society,' he said.
  6. it is the socioeconomic privilege that is, apparently, overrepresented amongst the 'white' population everywhere in north america.
  7. Yep its the buzzwords that generate attention in the media. people are even writing books about white guilty and white fragility now. I have similar views to the "defund the police" phrase I think it is a garbage term that is constantly misconstrued due to it's "real interpretation" not being the words at face value. Support police with increased assistance for mental health distress calls - YES
  8. My anecdotal evidence supports this somewhat as I was brutally sick in December 2019 with what I now recognize as covid like symptoms specifically breathing difficulties. that is the last time I was really sick. maybe an odd coincidence. I still take precautions though of course to protect others in my bubble.
  9. Not at all. I just don't like the blanket term white privilege being used as a learning tool since it encompasses many races and different people of various socioeconomic classes.
  10. morning comedy.. funny how a mere trending hashtag can generate a news article these days. looks like the battle for ratings is on... too little too late perhaps with all the early voting happening though. Calls to Fire Chuck Todd For NBC Airing Trump Town Hall Against Biden's At Same Time