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  1. No but he strikes me as lazy and probably cant wait to escape the public eye and scrutiny. Depends how lucrative he gets an offer for, maybe he’d take $1m a season i guess thinking about it
  2. Good for him, I liked his energy and always seemed to put the team first
  3. With the proven emergence of Hog and the relative certainty of Podz being a quality player i think we have some buffer to go all in with trading the 9th OA, the window is starting to open we have to do our best to be competitive
  4. Brilliant.. hope he pots one at least 20 Hogshots Chug for the hug Slam one for Ekman!
  5. The shotgun Jake thing was fun.. we need a new player to root and slam drinks for now
  6. Great replacement and then some for the failed Virt
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