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  1. A tenacious work ethic in our young players is so important. Hard work can beat talent.
  2. Charles is the definition of a guy earning his dues. Hope he’s able to defend it a few times. Should be interesting assuming its winner of Mcnuggets and Dusty
  3. I think Diaz is gonna get messed up in that match up... but he has surprised us MoFos before.. My absence has been mostly to starting a new job. their internet controls are whack and somehow CDC is blocked in their network and I had to be there everyday for training I started working from home a few days a week now so I can once again partake... even though the Nucks season is basically over now though lol and Biden / US poltics is boring as watching paint dry these days Thankful for the plethora of MMA events happening
  4. I hope Chucky Olives takes the LW belt on Saturday. Chandler could easily blitz him I think though, but if Charles can survive the initial onslaught he has a great chance. I like Tony but am worried for him here as Beneil has been on fire with a real resurgence. Shane and Edson are always in fun fights. Hopefully Souza has a better showing than his fight vs Kevin H.. Looking forward to it!
  5. Lol that would feel extra meaningless playing a regular season game same night as the playoffs. They might do it tho.
  6. He sure is... all hard work too. Lessens my disappointment of what has been happening with #18 this season. can't wait for a look at Podz in the big show next.
  7. an announcer literally just said, "the connor mcdavid show continues in a minute" sad times at the moment
  8. Hahaha Koskinen made my night smashing his stick on the posts After letting in 4 goals on 4 shots.
  9. Wow shutdown Dman comparable to Hedman yes please.. thanks. Looks like he could help Quinns +/- too, take a load off the heavy defensive duties
  10. I need to start getting excited about the top draft prospects.. wonder who we get ? The teams in tough this week I just hope its clean hard games.
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