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  1. Limited supply of Moderna up here. I also here people that for the AZ shot are being advised that their 2nd dose will be either Pfizer or Moderna now Pfizer, Moderna vaccines now preferred second dose for AstraZeneca recipients: NACI - Canada News - Castanet.net
  2. But we love ignoring our veterans and seniors so that we can afford to pay out massive sums of international aid... optics yo.
  3. Still a fine experience and a fun thing to do for a night out IMO heck we are all spending time posting our opinions of the team on the boards might as well attend a game or two for that first hand perspective
  4. Hopefully the prices won't be so steep... wishful thinking though after being cooped up at home this long I am fine with nosebleed seats
  5. just give me inter provincial travel, adult outdoor sports, and I'll be okay for another year that's normal enough for me
  6. Youre doing something right when your nickname is the honey badger, sign him with the Sedins to staff
  7. This thread needs a poll Leaning towards mctavish, eklund, or clarke Should be solid
  8. At least we draft the highest out of the Canadian teams
  9. 50 pound weight difference is sizeable. All part of the gimmick though.. I should try to find Logan's only other fight to see how bad he is
  10. Hard not to believe him. The only part that has me slightly intrigued is the massive weight discrepancy, and Logan looking huge af these days. He's training in puerto rico too apparently lol but at the end of the day the end result should be the same. a clean money W.
  11. Winnable fight for Jake... I think they are relying on being able to counter T-Wood's overhand right.. which is his main striking weapon. Hopefully Woodley can surprise him with some skills like a strong left hook, a stiff jab, or something to mix it up. At least we don't have to worry about Woodley showing up like an out of shape couch potato... I just hope he doesn't get "bought" for am easy fall... the Askren finish still looked a bit suspect/early to me
  12. Report: Jake Paul vs. ex-UFC champ Tyron Woodley boxing match in the works - Bloody Elbow Report: Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley boxing match in the works The former UFC welterweight champion appears to be intent on making good on his quest for revenge after Paul KO’d longtime teammate Ben Askren back in April.
  13. I heard a couple similar stories about Moderna side effects from people who got it, only for a few days though hang in there.
  14. I'm sorry but its Reinhart lol I like hometown players just as much as the next but the Nuge is buttery soft for a centreman imo. Reinhart is a good player but does he deserve that salary ?
  15. My iPhone XS is great so far Just got gf the iPhone 12 mini and she loves it great size for small hands most people just have a preference between Ios vs Android as the deciding factor
  16. Pfizer today. In and out in like 20 minutes.
  17. One can dream,, Mack is such a beaut Hope youre right too
  18. I hope we have your guys' luck.. I did it 4 times in a row it was 9, 9, 10, 9 That's all for me lol
  19. Rumor has it this was not going to be his last game for the Canucks, so he wanted to stay in Vancouver, maybe nursing an injury. Maybe he had some personal reasons
  20. CDC is a fantastic COVID crutch for game watching Thanks Fam for a fun run. Not looking forward to the off-season discussion threads
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