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  1. I just started watching recently but people weren’t exaggerating c’mon JT Lmao at Shorty calling Demko Cory Hirsch
  2. Maybe the panthers missed that clip. Fleeced em! Farewell to Olli hope he gets healthy eventually
  3. I can’t help but get exciting hearing “Burroughs intercepts the puck!” just like old times
  4. The Hog has been close too, can’t wait for next week especially after seeing the quinn/ pete interview earlier
  5. good luck K-3 teachers... an interesting letter from my nephews school district last week
  6. If Markstrom got a free R8 lease from Capilano Audi I an sure Petey can too If he desires
  7. I expect it to show up on the front page of the canucks website as an easily clickable image, it will probably link to the youtube channel as a live video yeah.
  8. From the short clip it was getting to the point of “is he medically okay?” Puking from an intense workout is fine, its a natural build up of lactic acid. I have done the same during swim practices in my youth. Rolling around, laying down in agony during practice doesn't seem fine. I have Been giving Oj the benefit of the doubt for a while as i have personal sympathy for anyone with a knee injury history but this is the pros.
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