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  1. Then why does Gillis get the blame for the NTCs? We have to have amongst the most fickle fanbase in hockey. Edit: And I would love to have Gilman as president. Very shrewd person, has always come off as a very intelligent individual even during interviews and was also stupidly dismissed by JB and Weisbrod, who we have seen what they are capable of doing when it comes to contracts and handling the media (JB somehow managed to get fined for tampering in today's day and age lol).
  2. MG has said he loves the pacific northwest and doesn't want to move from it so that answers your first question. In regards to Francesco, I think you can look at the success you had under Gillis and realize he was not wrong when he called for a rebuild for the team. Francesco wants a winner? Suck up your pride, and I think he has done so by reaching out to him, as it has been confirmed now by multiple people in the media. Linden was actually canned because he wanted to remain on route and not go for the big signings that they splurged on with Beagle and Russell, and can't say I disagree with him (Although he did deserve to be fired as well). Ultimately, I think Gillis was fired during his first tenure here due to the media constantly pushing out this image of him being arrogant, smug (Which he was, no denying it) but it shouldn't have been an issue. It was all propaganda because there was a very tight circle around the Canucks and I don't think the people really liked that (That's my 2 cents on why he was wrongfully fired and why he should be brought back).
  3. Well what did you prefer; contracts such as borderline #1 defenceman Hamhuis for 4.6 mil/yr and Art-ross winners for 6 mil/yr (I can go on and on for days about Gillis' shrewd signings) or 4 mil/yr for #6/#7 defenceman Gudbranson or 6 mil/yr for 3rd/4th line winger Eriksson? Gillis and Gilman were masters of the salary cap and never did we run into cap issues despite being the best team in hockey over a 2-year stretch.
  4. He said it in an interview with LeBrun, don't have the quote on me but I also recall reading about it earlier today. At the end of the day, I don't think anyone can put together a real argument that Benning has actually been a better GM than Gillis. Benning said we wouldn't have to rebuild yet all of our seasons under Benning (sans the year he made the playoffs) have all been worse than our worst year under Gillis.
  5. And Benning hasn't already turned this team into a clown show? People always refer to Gillis' amateur scouting as his downfall, yet, when we look at Benning's work, has it really been that much better than Gillis? Yes, he did draft Boeser and he gets props for that, but he also botched the top-6 picks of Virtanen (When fans were screaming for Nylander) and Juolevi (When fans were once again calling for the right pick, Tkachuk). For however bad you want to say Gillis' drafting was, he actually tried fixing the issue we had with our amateur scouts and he was well ahead of his time employing advanced statistics, sleep doctors well before teams gave them serious consideration. Benning is well behind his time in terms of these things and there's no need to go into detail about it. He hit on the Horvat pick towards the end of his tenure when fans were calling for Nichushkin - that's what you call shrewd drafting. Benning's pro scouts are much worse than Gillis' amateur scouts with the horrendous trades of Sutter, Gudbranson, their respective signings, Beagle, Eriksson, etc. I can literally go on for days in terms of how JB has actually turned this team into a clown show. That's not to say I would have Gillis at the top of my list. If I had a pick, I would bring in Ron Francis as GM - look at the work he has made with Carolina. That team is so well-constructed and cap-wise doesn't look to be running into any issues any time soon. But, I can deal with Gillis being hired - even as president - because it ensures change from Benning, something god knows this team can use desperately so we don't waste prime Horvat/Boeser years.
  6. He was only a 60 point player...he was first line but that was an absurd price and even Burke knew there was more to Kessel
  7. That isn't fair to say...he didn't trade the Sedins + traded for Kessel.
  8. In before [Value of] Max Domi

  9. But he is going to cost something regardless. It never hurts to get something for free, especially since he has value if we need to trade him. I'd give Miller 6 x 3 without a NTC/NMC
  10. Uh, maybe because you would have to give up assets to get Ward, opposed to Miller?
  11. Lol Virtanen is going to be a beast for us. He is physical, fast, has competitiveness, and has one hell of a shot. We got better today
  12. Shinkaruk is our best prospect offensively, please don't do this JB, Shink and Horvat should be untouchable...
  13. Lol that was a quick change of events. Just last night, I was thinking to myself "The Pens swooped in and stole our coach...those fuckers" To "Wow, can't believe Willie would pass on coaching arguably the 2 best players in the world" I'm happy nonetheless.
  14. Now, I have a feeling we're eyeing a big name FA. Otherwise there would be no reason to buy him out...Stastny to join fellow American Kesler on the second line and Kesler not leaving as a result is something I can see...
  15. Nick Ritchie it is, and I am glad. Ritchie was being called a first overall pick by a few scouts, believe it or not. He is going to be a force to be wreckoning with. A few years down the road when we have Kassian and Ritchie on our top 2 lines, who's going to have the balls to push around our star players? No one. Not even the rat.
  16. Therrien just announced Price is out for he series...there goes MTL's chance unless Budaj plays lights out.
  17. Wow. On one end, a disallowed goal, on the other LA ties the game. Turning point?
  18. The Ducks got this in my opinion. If anything, Selanne should be the leader this game that gives the speeches, etc. remind he players that they need to play their hearts out for the legend.
  19. Hard to say. I take Montreal though, they can match up against NYR and still win IMO, and Price > Lundqvist
  20. Some scouts had him as a first overall pick, blessing in disguise that he has potential to drop to us over the top 5?
  21. Well, he does say that Ehlers is a Stamkos sized guy...
  22. You lost all your credibility in that one post.
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