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  1. ALEX, I never stopped believing in you!   That's my Boy!

    ALEX U are simply the BEST.jpg

    1. Fanaholic



      Hey Alex,



      OH how much I miss 2011 but I can't wait to see you.   

  2. I am trying to reply to you but have no idea if you will get it.   I agree.   He should never have been signed in the first place.   JB seems to like players that were good at a young age and then gives them a huge contract for so many years because he thinks they will be great for that many more.   OUCH.

    1. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      Hey, it's all good. you can tag someone with the @ symbol so they get a notification. Status comments whether yours or someone else you replied to always give a notification. But yeah, we're a victim of a player having "one good season." And by that I mean he has had roughly 30 goals more than once not including last season, but that was also 6 or more years ago. He's 31 on 32 in the summer, you never give a player like that a deal in the park of 6x6 unless he's an obvious bonafide superstar going nowhere anytime soon.  He obviously got the contract he did because of the season he had last year.

      Moot point now, we're &^@#ed. Either he's going to pick up his play or he's going to become a financial anchor that Aquilini will have to likely eat at some point. 

    2. luckylager


      Why don't you just cram your tongue down his throat? Gross.


      And we're stick with Eriksson, so get over it and start cheering for him to earn that chq. His own zone play has been stellar, just not $6m "real good" considering his disappointing lack of production.

  3. you sound like your older than even me...do you remember the riot in montreal when clarence campbell suspended rocket richard? goalies before masks? and tim horton was just a rookie?

    1. Fanaholic


      I thought how could I forget that?   WELL I was only 5 years old at the time (just looked up when it was) growing up in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan and I just remember watching hockey night in Canada with my parents and players didn't wear helmets.    So, you always knew who they were.   Guy Lafleur became my favourite player when I was young.  I was guessing when I said there were only six teams in the league but I am sure there were only that many when I started to watch hockey.  I was 7 years old when I played hockey on back door rinks in the Prairies.  I was the GOALIE because I played with my brother and his friends and they were two years older and they said I was too slow to play any other position.  It was pretty funny now I think about that story.

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