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  1. Those two extremes are far closer in their ingrained inability to discuss anything with civility than they realize.
  2. Until society on the whole accepts that were merely a bunch of over evolved smart apes, nothing will change. A lot of the misconceptions about race would be hammered out quite quickly if facts regarding anthropology and human origins were made available to children in elementary school.
  3. Glad to see a great team win the Cup. They’ve been a force this year and played their asses off. Congratulations Tampa.
  4. Imagine Blazing Saddles or Naked Gun being made today.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss, Hippy. I've been lucky as no one I know has perished due to the virus. I do have multiple family members in healthcare though, so I worry about them and my elderly parents quite a lot. My family in healthcare tell me of some harrowing situations they've witnessed, and I believe them. They have no reason to lie to me, and I have no reason not to trust them. I have three kids (one in elementary and two in secondary) who I'm also concerned about. I work from home, so I'm as lucky as one can get from that perspective, and I don't take it for granted. I hear the argument regarding civil liberties, and I ask myself, what liberty is really at stake? The freedom to not wear a mask? Is that really a serious detriment to personal freedom? Maybe not being able to see a concert or game? Is that really the sign of our freedoms being eroded? Were there a lot of people worried about their civil liberties during the Spanish Flu?
  6. I’ll be glad to see players like Hedman, Shattenkirk, Point, Stamkos, Valiesky(sp), and Kucherov finally get their names on the Cup. They’ve worked their asses off.