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  1. He’s a solid, smart, physical defenseman. The team needs that. He’s done well with the ice time he’s been given.
  2. The fact that Benning hasn’t signed Green yet leads me to believe that it isn’t happening. Hopefully this means that Benning is on his way out. I’d be alright if Green is kept on, just as long as the two numbskulls who’ve assisted him are jettisoned as soon as the last game is played. I highly doubt that any team with any designs on being competitive would hire a joke like Nolan Baumgartner.
  3. When you say Gadj gets challenged by the ugly clown, do you mean Tkachuk or Lucic? Gadj could take Tkpuke. Lucic? Not so sure of.
  4. Same. One of the few players on the team who is willing to drop the gloves with anyone. Watch Benning lose him.
  5. Sad when Edler’s 100th goal is a lone bright spot in this garbage season.
  6. I’m shocked that Benning hasn’t negotiated a six year, $6M AAV contract with Edler yet.
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