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  1. He has more bite to his game than Edler does. Certainly Edler could hit like a truck and had a hard shot, but OEL likes to muck it up and has a far more accurate shot.
  2. I don't remember him saying that. I'll have to go back and see.
  3. Probably one of the greatest comedies ever created. My sons have seen that masterpiece, and all the Naked Guns, Airplanes, and other classics. They love them. I remember a few years back, it was playing at a theater in Arizona, and people were actually protesting it. I think some folks just live to complain and demand.
  4. How is Dave transphobic? Because he believes that gender is a fact? I truly fail to see how that's a transphobic attitude. I believe gender is a fact as well, and have no issue, moral or otherwise, with people who are trans, yet according to many I'd be transphobic as well. Funny how that is. You either give complete compliance to a belief or you have a phobia. Sorry, I don't subscribe to that. Is that the moral high ground you're referring to?
  5. "It was a good skate today, high-pace," Juolevi said. "It's a really good team here. I'm just excited to be a part of this team and get to know everybody. … It's a really good chance. I'm really happy to be here. This feels like a really good place to play hockey right now."
  6. I think that the superstars on the Canucks need to rise to the occasion and impose their will on the opposing goalie.
  7. He was a wealth of information in the real estate thread. He sure liked to stoke the flames here.
  8. I'm not going into causation or what propels it, merely that it's more of one than it used to be.
  9. OEL has been awesome. Don't get me wrong. As has Poolman. Those two were savvy acquistions on Benning's part. Myers and OEL is a solid pairing. Hughes was looking scary out there too. Hamonic's absence is completely out of anyone's control. I'd like to think he'd have an equally positive impact. I think what I'm seeing that's eerily familiar is how their being coached. I hope Shaw gets involved and shows BumG that there's more than one way to protect the zone, move the puck, and clear the crease. In the neutral zone and supporting the offense, they've been better.
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