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  1. Seems like it's not just the players who get to feel the wrath of Mackinnon. Did Stamkos have to take this approach with Tampa? Crosby with Pittsburgh? Ovechkin with Washington?
  2. Well, if they're professional athletes who are insanely competitive, professional achievements have a whole lot to do with it.
  3. Hughes is a special player and hopefully gets signed this summer. I think some see Makar and Keiskanen as more well rounded defensmen than Hughes, as capable of defending as producing points. Hughes has struggled in the defensive aspects of his game. That's probably why Makar is getting bigger dollars than Hughes will. Mind you, it seems that Jones, who isn't than good defensively has set the bar for how young d-men are getting paid. I do see under Shaw, a significant change and improvement in how the defense will perform, which will lead to Hughes not being so encumbered by respo
  4. He'll fit right in with Arizona. Maybe play on a line with Eriksson.
  5. Didn't say that he was a proven winner as soon as he entered the league.
  6. Exactly. A team is a group of individuals united in a common goal. Mackinnon's actions seem eerily familiar to some coaches who are referred to as fossils in the league now.
  7. Gen Z. These "generations" blend into each other. It used to be that a generation was an age range of 20-30 years
  8. Exactly. Yelling at your fellow players and firing pucks at them seems like a real control freak move. Sometimes a player misses a pass due to an uneven ice surface. I could only imagine how pleasant he must have been after the Avalanche lost these last playoffs. Now that Colorado has lost some size on the back end in Zadorov and Graves, they're going to be in tough somewhat if the competition leans on them physically. How's Nathan going to deal with that?
  9. Maybe the comparisons to Jordan should be quelled until MacKinnon actually wins the Stanley Cup, seeing as how Jordan won 6 NBA championships.
  10. Maybe this is what millennials consider a bargaining tactic these days. Seems like a pretty weak move.
  11. I think your approach to statistical evidence makes a lot of sense. The most important aspect that a lot of analytics heavy types miss is, as you mentioned, context. As well, as you mentioned, and others have as well, analytics isn't as foolproof in hockey as it is in baseball, especially when applied to defense. Appreciate the post and your take.
  12. I wish them both well. Good human beings. Weird that Roussel didn't mention that Loui was joining them in Arizona. Maybe he didn't hit it off as well as he did with Beagle.
  13. It would be a mistake to run Harris against Trump. She's just not good enough. The best candidate for the Democrats, if they even still have a clue, is the person who rightfully put Harris in her place during the 2019 Dem debates, Tulsi Gabbard. She'd do to Trump what she did to Harris.
  14. That won't stop certain posters on this site from some weak ass, passive aggressive trolling. It'd be mildly entertaining if it wasn't so goddamned predictable.
  15. Are you saying that a 30 year old will magically turn 40 in 2 years? If so, you’re insane.
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