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  1. He looked great today. Looked like he was trying way harder and making good decisions. I know hockey iq is "unteachable" but he actually looked like he was making smarter plays, reading the play better and covering for defenseman when they stepped up. His weight loss + Effort level is showing.
  2. Good value at 33, could have gone 24-30
  3. Demko has red-ish hair too. I would say return of the goalie controversy, but it never left in the first place.
  4. So he has 16 shots on goal in only 2 games so far? That's really impressive. I think we can all agree that Jim finds pretty good talent.
  5. Yeah, I think it helped him out because he was in better position to get one timers and blocker side shots off. I prefer him being a LW too.
  6. Explain to me where I said every player? I said has the potential, no guaruntees. Read before you speak.
  7. Raffi Torres has had like 1 or 2 40 point seasons and was still a fringe 2nd-3rd line player. Virtanen had 45 goals in the whl and has a lethal shot and skates like the wind. He has the potential to be a 30 goal scorer. Will he consistently be a 30 goal scorer? Probably not. But I can see 1 or 2 30 goal seasons in his career. Raffi was bit unfortunate because 8 times out of ten I bet raffi would have turned into a consistant top 6 player but he didn't become one. I think virts gonna be a consistent 45-55 point scorer with 60 points in his prime.
  8. Comparing to bertuzzi is silly, but also comparing him to Torres is also silly and overreacting to junior stats. People give up on players so easily nowadays. Virt to me is in his prime a consistent 50-60 point player who can get 30 goals, which is not raffi Torres. Of course he won't be bertuzzi, but he's no raffi Torres.
  9. I was pumped when I heard that Virtanen worked out and gained more muscle while working on parts of his game. He's going to be a force soon.
  10. Lol people already calling him a 3rd liner in the future when he was arguably 3rd line material last year. Top advanced stats on the team, while having a great physical presence.
  11. I don't think the issue with his passing is accuracy, it's the velocity. His passes at times looks like a shot, but he will improve.
  12. No, they played San Jose again and Anaheim.
  13. Looks great out there. You can argue that he's been our best defenseman since he came here.
  14. We can have opinions, but Virtanen is a Vancouver Canuck, and Nylander is not. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone, but it's annoying when half of the posts in this thread is about the guys we didn't pick.
  15. Can we just stop talking about a player's personal life and other players? This is the Jake Virtanen talk, not the "is Virtanen not mature" or "is Nylander a soft bust?" Thread.
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