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  1. Hahaha I used to play this back in highschool 10 years ago. No time anymore.
  2. This is hella awks, I gotta change my name now
  3. Gocanucks is mafia, his interactions with LL were very suspicious early on in the thread. Classic scum moves jokingly suggesting his teammate is mafia multiple times. Also I didn’t actually save myself last night but I will tonight as there is no more sheriff Vote GoCanucks
  4. Let me reread the thread during first intermission
  5. Potatoes, im the doctor lmao (no joke, try mafia killing me) unvote; vote luckylager
  6. Pretty sure J23 is scum, his random post about the canucks was pretty suspicious Vote J23
  7. I’ve thought about doing dmt but too scared lol
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