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  1. If it was a team culture thing, which seems very important to Schmidt based on his interviews, Winnipeg might be a better fit for him than Vancouver. Our team culture is more of the quiet/Sedin-ish/"nice guys" type and Schimdt would likely thrive in a more boisterous dressing room.
  2. I would be lying if I said that Jim with money on the eve of free agency isn't a little scary.
  3. Same, but the offer sheet scare might've made this trade a must right now.
  4. On the one hand, that blueline would allow 45 shots a night. On the other hand, that blueline would feed Petey a 100+ point season.
  5. I have to imagine this is just trade one of many moves still to come. There’s no way Jim thinks OEL is the answer to addressing our 40 shots on goal against every night.
  6. Good way to look at it. I’m still not a fan of this trade for reasons ad nauseum, but I have no choice but to support this team and hope it somehow works out.
  7. But you make it sound like it’s either 9OA or OEL and nothing in between. We’ve needed D for years, but I guess time will tell if having a 30+ yo left handed OFD who looks to be on the down slide of his career is going to look 25 again, or if he’ll continue as most 30+ players do and decline year after year as we’re stuck with his contract through 2027.
  8. I think we have different definitions of “long run” because that OEL contract doesn’t look like it’s going to help us an iota in the long run.
  9. Whether 9OA helps this core or not, losing 9OA as an asset in part of a trade to dump salary that would be gone in less than 12 months is shortsighted.
  10. Most championship teams have cores built through the draft. I would agree if I felt our core is a trade or two away from being competitive, but I don’t. I feel we still need needle movers. This summer shouldn’t be the summer we go for it.
  11. It’s also a recipe to build the next Minnesota Wild. Decades of mediocrity until you eventually buy people out. I don’t know, I think a lot of are tired of holding our breath year after year to see what contract trouble we get into next. And now we get to see OEL until 2027.
  12. Conveniently omitting the 9th overall pick makes the trade look good, sure, but I’d rather have kept the pick and waited until next summer to make a splash.
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