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  1. No question the Comets should move to Canada and become the Burnaby Aces (for our friends at EA)
  2. You're right in that he was a child when the incidents occurred. And because he has shown no remorse or growth since then, he still has a lot of growing up to do. And Arizona and UND have every right to cut ties with him until he does. It's not cancel culture nor a problem with society when a team wants to cut ties with someone who they don't want representing their organization. Every player in your organization is also an investment. And it's not a problem with cancel culture if an organization doesn't want to invest big money into a person whose character does not align with your organization's standards. There are many paths to carving out a career in professional hockey. He isn't banned from the game for life and I don't see anyone seriously arguing that he should be. But it's his responsibility and no one else's to turn his story around.
  3. Schmidt won't be a 5/6 D. He's playing with either Hughes or Edler in the top 4. Unless you're suggesting Juolevi outplays either Hughes or Edler into the top 4, which is a possibility but, to date, nothing to indicate that will happen.
  4. Totally agree. Every single penny is going to count next off season. Next offseason is going to decide the franchise's future for the next decade.
  5. There will definitely be plenty of work to be done next summer. Sutter, Pearson, Baer, Edler all come off the books next year, but that only frees up about $17m, not enough to sign all three, never mind players that would need to replace those guys.
  6. I think Vegas would trade a draft pick to shed a dollar off of their cap, never mind asking them to retain $500k.
  7. What an absolute steal with Vegas' hands tied behind their back desperately needing to shed salary. Way to fleece 'em, Jim. Fantastic deal.
  8. I'd love it if the other 30 GMs declined any deal with them to pay for the easy road into the NHL.
  9. Oh, sorry, that wasn't meant to poke fun at your post, I was laughing along with you in that the only comical explanation for the inactivity is that we're tanking for Luke
  10. That's a fun proposition. Taking on Johnson's cap in exchange for Cernak is a really interesting proposition, both players that'd fill holes in the Canucks roster, since Johnson currently has negative value for TB and greatly diminishes their ask on Cernak.
  11. That's it, that's the plan. Lose for Hughes v2.0
  12. But at BEST Holtby is a solid Marky replacement. At BEST Juolevi/Rathbone/Rafferty can replace Stecher. So if we find a Tanev replacement, at BEST, we are back to where we were last year, which is a team that barely made the playoffs.
  13. Then it would do the franchise a great deal of service to let the fans know what the plan is. Because when the offseason began and all the talk was about how we were going after OEL, it seemed like the team was still going for it. So are the goalposts moving? Is there a plan in place at all? Let us know what plan we need to brace for.
  14. You're right, that was a wrong choice of words to suggest the canucks depserately need to dump salary. What I meant was the Canucks (whether it be due to Benning or Aquillini), doesn't seem like a team excited to take on salary nor do they seem open to giving up valuable assets based on the rumoured no-trade list (top prospects, Juolevi, Demko) in the OEL talks, so it's hard to see how a TB deal works out. Although Cernak seems to fit a few potential scenarios, so I yeah, not as bad a trade partner as originally thought.