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  1. Wasn't a fan of the trade at first, but so far Garland and OEL came exactly as advertised.
  2. Quinn's 100 pts is the milestone. The fact that he got it it in 133 games set up the comparison for other players in history of the smilar age/games played.
  3. No wonder they’re the lotto line. It’s a gamble sending them out there.
  4. Such an important take. Regardless of any roster implications, the team is trying to take care of the human before he becomes a sad example story.
  5. I know Zadina was highly regarded, but it’s still mind-blowing that they passed on Hughes
  6. I wasn't a fan of the OEL deal when it first went down, but this would be one ugly looking D roster without him in the lineup. Glad he got one in game one for his confidence.
  7. Last year we would've been in 28th place at this point in the season so we are clearly regressing
  8. The Assistant Whipping Boy of the last few years who is ready to step in as Head Whipping Boy appears to be Mr. Myers.
  9. Like many I really wanted to see him in the opening lineup. He’ll inevitably be a quick call-up, but probably best to start in Abbotsford for his development and for waiver considerations.
  10. I think Petey would be minimum $9.5/y on an 8 yr deal considering Kaprizov signed for $9 and Petey would be giving two more UFA years than Kap. With that said, I’d still go $8/8 for Hughes and $9.5/8 for Petey.
  11. You think Juolevi makes it over Rathbone?
  12. No worries, Myers also forgets that he's the tallest, biggest guy on the roster, too.
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