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  1. Sportsnet can't pre-empt Tim and Friends talking about the Leafs playoffs for a little Canucks game.
  2. He's been sitting in a hotel for a week. Green likely wants to get a practice in for him first.
  3. It’s okay Connor, Hogs is a great skater and there’s no shame in not being able to catch him
  4. How does Puljujarvi play with McDavid all year and have only ten assists
  5. No disrespect to Sutter, but that was a pretty weak argument for his nomination.
  6. Jim won’t resign, he learned from some of the best in the biz like Loui. Why quit when you can sit there and collect a paycheque or force them to buy you out.
  7. And use the colours/branding of our former NBA team? Yes please.
  8. Canadian Armed Forces might want to veto the use of Air Force
  9. I think this season in particular turned a lot of people. Seven years. I was a Benning supporter for a long while myself, but seven years. And he wants two more before we’re competitive. Enough us enough.
  10. Having an extra man wouldn't even be good for us. It'd be like a powerplay.
  11. We're not skilled enough, athletic enough, mentally tough enough, physically tough enough, we don't score enough, we don't defend well enough. Goaltending has saved this management groups jobs for years now.
  12. "Perfectly healthy" is debatable, but your point still stands. This roster is still missing way, way, way, too many pieces here. And just about every single issue we have now (missing top 6 scorer, a top 4 D, improved bottom six, eliminate bad contracts), we've been discussing for years now. This is all on management.
  13. I’ve thought of this in the past What if an unusually large human being was discovered and put in goal to cover the entire net. Hockey rules limit the size of goalie equipment, but there is no height or weight limit. The NHL altered the rules for Chara’s stuck based on factors out of his control (height). So, shouldn’t the NHL also alter its rules for a large goaltender in order to protect them with adequate coverage? This means one of two things: A. A massive sumo wrestler should not be excluded from playing goal in the NHL or B. Wtf there is no
  14. I would watch a random fan being inserted into the lineup for each of the remaining games. Make em sign a waiver and go nuts. It’d at least make it entertaining for the remainder.
  15. I'm sure the mechanic at the Diesel Truck Repair Shop would have a decent shot at cracking our roster right now.
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