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  1. Agree... Ty will probably win it. A rookie d-man who can score AND apparently defend too...
  2. Makar > Hughes Van would love the trade while Col would hang up. Scoring many points isn’t everything. A D-man should be able to defend first, then score.
  3. I guess it’s now fair to say that Pettersson is not the star of our team... Miller obviously are. I was surprised by Miller’s excellence last year but thought that was much thanks to Petey. Now... I’m not so sure anymore. Petey looks lost out there without JT. I really hope Petey finds some new mojo because he’s been very silent. Especially in 10 (or 11!?) PP’s in a row now. But hey, let’s get back into it on Monday. And I sure hope Petey makes me look like a fool then
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